Tuesday, July 12, 2016
By Vijay Shanker

Ninad Centre of Performing Arts, within a short span of its existence, has considerably contributed towards the growth, promotion and propagation of classical arts, for which the credit goes to the director of the centre - Dr Tina Tambe, who herself is an accomplished Kathak exponent. In order to celebrate dance, a unique festival of classical dances was presented at the Juhu Jagruti Hall in Vileparle.

It was interesting to watch eight different classical dance styles being performed in the same platform and dances performed were Bharata Natyam - Prachi Saathi, Kuchipudi - Ranjani and Daksha Ramesh, Mohiniattam - Saji Menon, Kathakali - Ranjish Nair, Odissi -Mitali Varadkar and Shreya Sabharval, Kathak- Ritabrata Chakraborty, Manipuri by Sudip Kumar and Sattriya by Prateesha Suresh. It was a rare delight as most of the dancers were trying to do their best in the limited time structure.

Kuchipudi by Ranjani and Daksha Ramesh stood out for its content and substance, the composition was rare and the performance was immaculate for it depicted the power and vitality of the Lord of dance - Nataraja. Besides the concept of "Ardhanarishwara", creation, preservation and destruction by Lord Shiva was dramatically presented. Kudos to the mother daughter team.

Sattriya is a rare style in Mumbai and Prateesha dances with lot of elegance and sincerity. Manipuri by Sudip Kumar was graceful and pleasing. Odissi was impressive, particularly the Pallavi by Mitali and Shreya. Besides the dramatic performance by Ranjish in the Kathakali style, another male Kathak dancer who was impressive was Ritabrata from Kolkatta. Saji and Prachi were among the most talented dancers of the festival, Kudos to Ninad.

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