Tina excels in kathak

Thursday, August 11, 2016
By Vijay Shanker

Lakshita festival is an annual festival organised regularly with the the intention of promoting and propagating classical arts by reaching out to a larger audience. The credit for this festival goes to accomplished Bharata Natyam exponent Namita Bodaji. The festival was held at the Juhu Jagruti Hall in Vile Parle.

Kathak exponent Dr Tina Tambe impressed everyone with her scintillating performance. Tina is trained in different gharanas like the Raigarh and Jaipur gharana and has evolved as a dancer, creating a distinct style of elegance and precision which was evident in her splenid performance.

Tina commenced the performance with an invocation to the Lord of Dance, known as 'Shiva Stuti' followed with the teen taal of 16 beats and the most impressive circular movement known as 'chakkars'(32 rounds) was applauded by the compact audience that turned up to watch the classical performance on a Sunday morning. The highlight of the progrramme was the enaction of the plight of Kubja who was a slave to the wicked Kansa. Her devotion for Lord Krishna forms the climax of the dramatic episode wherein she regains her original beauty and form due to the blessing of the divine grace. Tina's 'abhinaya' was indeed elevating.

Tina received her initial training from Ranjana Thakur and has also imbibed guidance from noted mentors like Dr Suchitra Harmalkar and Dr Uma Dogra. Tina concluded with Holi and received fine orchestral support. Dancers promoting other dancers, is a really welcome and  heartening trend.

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