Friday, December 09, 2016
By Aishwarya Parameshwaran

With technology kicking in, there has been an exponential difference in the way we shop and the way we use the internet today. With time, companies have started innovating new ways to reach their potential target audiences. Today, Afternoon D&C lists down some of the popular health care online portals which offers numerous services at your doorstep.

The idea was born out of a personal requirement when Dhruv Suyamprakasam, the Founder & CEO of iCliniq, experienced the struggle of finding a doctor due to geographical location. Dhruv realised the existing untapped potential of bridging doctors and patients together by removing geographical barriers and thus founded iCliniq with Dr. Madhan.

The website is designed to help reduce the constant pressure on hospitals, doctors and move a significant amount of healthcare services online. Their services include consultations, certain follow-ups and disease management as well as second opinions.

One of the key benefits would include reducing hospital infections. Online consultations can help with this, by putting potential patients in touch with doctors who will go through all of their symptoms online.

Dhruv Suyamprakasam, Founder & CEO of iCliniq says,“I started iCliniq because I always wanted to be an entrepreneur being from a third generation business family. I got into online doctor consultation industry as I had a personal need and I used to consult doctors over phone. This was how I started iCliniq. Online healthcare is a $5 billion market and domestically it’s a $ 750 million, but its poised to grow bigger with India alone poised to carve a billion dollar share.We are a global platform with patients across 160 countries and much of patients from US, Canada, UK and the Middle east. The response has been tremendous internationally and we have had an organic growth of 380 percent compared to last year"

Personal health and our loved one’s health is the biggest concern in our life. 21st century brought more technology and fitness regime to work upon. But there are always excuses not to be able to follow it. In a metro city like Mumbai, where people are always in hurry and extremely busy, taking care of the elderly, the bedridden and sick member of the family which is a priority becomes a little tough.

Nightingales - The Home health Specialist brings you a platform that connects patients to the right caregivers, who are specialised and trained. They offer skilled and experienced nurses, attendants, caregivers, physiotherapists, dental clinic at home, doctor on call for post-discharge care, bedridden care, chronic pain care, physiotherapy, everyday medical nursing, long-term care, palliative and supportive care dedicated to cancer patients' needs, at post-surgery stage, during chemotherapy, for survivor ship support as comfortable as possible.

Vishal Bali, Chairman & Co-founder of Nightingales Home Health Services; Unit of Medwell Ventures Pvt Ltd says, “Nightingale-The Home Health Specialist is the concept where we offer’ health care services within the comfort of customers own home. Simple models, where customer can get reliable and specialised help in getting patient care service. Home healthcare is the need of time and your family members may not be available all the time. You could use the services provided by Nightingales and can actually save time as well as concentrate on other things.”

Indian families usually hesitate to visit psychiatrists or mental care centers. When you visit a mental health care center, you’ll find different people with different illness and when you take your parents there, they come home disturbed, terribly insulted intellectually, emotionally and they take it as an offense and hence the hesitation. What could be the possible solution for this? Well Mind Mantra could be the solution to your problem which comes in the comfort of your homes and helps you.

Mind Mantra is an organization which deals with elderly mental health care services. Their services include home based dementia and intellectual companionship, corporate services and all psychology related services. Mind Mantra assures you the best of quality care and progress together through the journey of self-help. Mind Mantra is founded by Anastasia Dedhia who is a Clinical Psychologist, Elderly Care Specialist and a practicing EFT Therapist. Her aim is to create a mentally healthy society by offering a variety of psychological and supportive services to people of all age groups.

Ananstasia says, “The elderly personality blooms when someone tries to understand them, talks to them and gives them quality time. Unfortunately, there is not much awareness about dementia and elderly care in India. There are a lot of behavioral and personality changes in a person who is suffering from dementia Alzheimer’s as they keep forgetting. So, it is very important that the family and the domestic staff is psycho educated if there’s a dementia patient in the family.”

Mind Mantra offers psycho education to families and the domestic staff which helps them to deal with the elderly, educates them on how much time to spend with them. The loved ones of the elderly often try to spend more time with them but Anastasia advices to spend just 10 mins and make those 10 minutes excellent for the elderly. Spending quantity time will only frustrate you and frustrate them. Spend little time but make it the best because love or liking is more of a memory it is not about hours spending with the elderly.

Through seminars and lectures, Mind Mantra is trying to clear myths that exist in the society. They are trying to reach out and help those who hesitate to visit mental health care centers. According to Anastasia, there has been a notable transition in the last five years, people are getting more aware, reading about it, people google about it. The society is slowly changing for the good, which is good news.

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