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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Pratik Gandhi, Founder, Edulab

Pratik is not a techie; nor a financial wizard; he is nevertheless an Edupreneur who is out there to truly make a difference! A person who pioneered the concept of “Study in India” even before its official inception; Pratik- an Edupreneur (Educationalist + Entrepreneur) is striving hard to bring about a paradigm shift in the way business of education is perceived in India- making the predominant shift from being government aided or trust driven to being sustainable, profitable and thus thriving in a self enduring business ecosystem.

In conversation with AD&C, Pratik speaks about his belief that diversity will break the shackles of economic adversities that have long been affecting the growth of Indian Institutes.

What is the idea behind Edulab?
One of the major challenges that I discovered in my role as an edupreneur is that a lot of students focus on academic excellence, but few focus on experience excellence. Over the course of several years of interacting with several business leaders, I realised that a major amount of work gets done with ease if a person is culturally open to new experiences – something that needs to be imbibed from very early in life. Which brought me to the point of realising that academic experiences need to be combined with cultural experiences.

As a result, Edulab began focusing on fostering relationships with the best universities and alliance partners to bring to students exchange programs from as young an age as 13 years. Students can travel to the best universities, learn the language hands on while experiencing the lives of 13 year olds in completely different countries for short term programmes!

Over a period of 2-4 years, students with such exposure acquire the skill to learn more and apply their knowledge even better. That too not just in India but anywhere across the globe. Additionally, it gets them global friends with an academic bent of mind.

The ultimate aim is to enhance diversity and cultural learning for students around India. From our research, we now truly believe that the best way to improve the quality of education is to enhance the peer to peer learning and enable Indian students to truly learn about World through its student mobility programs.

Your vision for the company?
If I were to state it in a single line, my vision is to simply enable every student to be globally literate.

A student in India should be able to learn from a student in Spain, Europe and even Malaysia – and this can happen only at a peer to peer learning level – when students connect and exchange notes about what they are learning and what the different ways of applying the same knowledge could be. This helps raise a generation of youngsters who are more aware, more perceptive and more involved in society at large.

How many countries and universities have you tied up so far?
We have already tied up with 12 Countries and have 30 Universities and over 1000 institutions on board. While on the one hand we have several Indian universities on board, on the other hand, we also have several international universities on board for the short term outbound programmes. Additionally, we also have robust alliance partners with some global leaders in the international education arena.

How is Edulab different from others?
Edulab now has the ability to bridge the gap between universities and students by building a seamless communication channel. We are very focused on ensuring that every student has a safe and great learning experience and to this end, we ensure that every partner we tie-up with has both the expertise of conducting the programmes and ensuring a safe stay.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
With our focus on student and university enablement, we will continue to be the platform of choice enabling millions of students to choose the right programs for their career advancement and ensuring 1000+ universities to be truly global in their outreach efforts to students.

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