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Monday, May 06, 2019

Ratheesh Nair, Founder and CEO, WatchYourHealth.Com India

Ratheesh Nair is the Founder and CEO of WatchYourHealth.Com India Pvt. Ltd, a new-age InsurTech specialist company, which commenced its operations in 2015 and has grown from strength to strength. Ratheesh is a BFSI sector maven who leveraged domain knowledge and cutting-edge technology to deep-dive into the development of best-in-class digital health and corporate wellness business to be a pioneer in creating a Health Score for India. is a novel initiative to bring in a paperless, digital health ecosystem for the corporate sector in general and the insurance sector in particular. Ratheesh holds an MBA (Finance) degree along with an LLB law degree. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Ratheesh, who is an evangelist of inculcating health as culture advocating Corporate Engagement for Wellness Management says, “I firmly believes that the future of insurance is customer engagement.”

What is the idea behind Watch Your Health.Com?
Watch Your Health is Insurtech startup focused on developing customer engagement models to help Insurance providers improve customer retention and improve persistency. The insurance customer today looks for ease, convenience and direct involvement with the company. Engagement from the insurance provider and the insurance sector is exploring multitude of ways to provide the same to improve the persistency.

Watch Your Health specializes in the ways to engage the customer so he gets more from his Policy which would compel him to stay with the insurance provider.
At Watch Your Health, we use understanding of human behavior and insights from the data to provide different programs like lifestyle modification, goal setting that align with the policy, wellness programs and rewards program.

How are you different from others?
Watch Your Health designs engagement programs that are judicious mix of offline quality programs and online technology solutions like web portal and mobile applications. We not only conceptualize, design and build the solution but passionately drive the usage of the system. We employ various communications modes like SMS, Push Notifications, telephonic calls to reach out to the customer and get him involved in the system. We leverage AI to help customers better assess their health by posing meaningful and relevant questions.

Any expansion plans?
With success, experience and knowledge gained in Insurance vertical we would venture into Pharmaceutical industry to provide technology backed smart solutions.

Your vision for the company?
Watch Your Health aims to provide universal Health Score that can be considered as standard to gauge an individual's health while availing different health related services. Different providers related to Health Industry like Insurance provider can use this Health Score to customize their offerings for individual customers.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
After tie up with majority of Insurance companies in India, we plan to expand in Pharmaceutical and Hospital sector. In coming years, we will be associated with most of Pharma companies and Hospitals. We would be recognized as trusted partner for Insurance, Pharma and Hospital sectors providing elegant solutions through smart technology. With universal health score we would be established as De facto standard for Health Score.

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