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10 Ways To: Control Your Anger

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

We often hurt people we love in a fit of anger, when our rage compromises our thinking. Pranika Sharma gives you ten ways to rein in your anger.

1. Give yourself a pinch

Pinching yourself can work to shock and help you snap out of your angry self. We tend to get carried away when we are angry, so a stinging pinch will help bring you back to reality, so that you can access the situation and react accordingly.

2. Stop and think

Whenever you feel the anger tugging at you, stop and set a timer. Watch the seconds tick by on your watch and wait for a full two minutes before taking any action. This way, the angry fog will clear out of your brain and you will be able to think logically again.

3. Talk it out

Talking is a mode of expression and can be used to control your anger. Every time you find yourself getting angry with someone, break off from the conversation. Go back to them later to calmly talk the issue out. If you don’t want to confront that specific person,  talk to someone else about it and seek advice about what you can do.

4. Use humour
It is said that laughter is the best medicine, but it is also a means to control the sudden bursts of anger. So, every time you feel yourself getting angry, think of something funny or tell yourself a joke. Deflect your anger with humour. That way you get to express your anger without hurting others.

5. Count backwards
Whenever your anger gets the better of you, try counting backwards from 10. Count slowly while taking deep breaths in between. Counting backwards will help shift your focus from the subject of your anger, allowing you to concentrate on the numbers and diminishing your ire.

6. Express your feelings

Never hold your anger in; express yourself in the form of writing, painting or running. These will help you vent the pent up anger so that you don’t take it out on other people. Expressing your anger will help you to get rid of the stress and channel it in the right direction.

7. Take a timeout

If you find yourself getting extremely stressed during the day, take a timeout and simply do nothing. Taking time away from work and interactions with people will help you gather your thoughts, giving your brain a break as well.

8. Exercise

Regular exercise helps keep stress and anxiety levels in check, both of which can cause anger to build up. It reins in the stress by channelling it in a specific direction without overloading your brain. Swimming, yoga, Pilates and aerobics are fast-paced exercises that are effective stress relievers, and will help you manage your anger better.

9. Face it
An effective way to manage your anger is by understanding what’s causing it. Snapping at people is not a good way of dealing with anger and if you find yourself doing this often, try and understand the reasons for your lashing out to come to terms with it.

10. Breathe

The next time you find yourself getting angry, take a deep, calming breath and continue doing so until you feel your anger fading away. Taking deep breaths will help divert your attention and also allow oxygen to travel to your brain. Meditation and breathing exercises should be done on a regular basis if you are to gain control over your temper.

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