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Donate blood

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 14 is World Blood Donor Day, and if you are eligible, it’s time to give of yourself

Did you know that in India every two seconds somebody needs blood? Or that as many as 38,000 blood donations are needed daily in this country? And that while (going by 2017 figures), five crore units of blood are needed, only a meagre 2.5 crore units of blood are available? A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood, but in India, it is never enough. In an emergency, most people still have to depend on friends and family.

Donating blood can save lives, and there are many who can do with the help—severely anaemic women, anaemic kids, accident victims, surgical patients, cancerous patients, thalassemia patients and many others. World Blood Donor Day highlights the issue of safe transfusion and creates awareness of the need to donate blood.

However, it is vital to recognise that it is safe for the donor to give blood and that the blood itself is safe. This writer once met an impoverished AIDs patient at a city hospital; his method of earning a living was by donating his blood.

Here are some things to keep in mind while donating blood.

1. According to the National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC), anyone between 18 and 65 years of age and in normal health having a body weight of 45 kg or more and a haemoglobin content no less than 12.5 gms/hundred ml can be a donor.

2. The stipulated haemoglobin  (Hb) content of 12.5 gm/100 ml for a donor is the standard for a healthy person. Persons having less Hb content than the prescribed one cannot be treated as a healthy donor having sufficient Hb for donations and hence are not allowed to donate blood. Further, blood weak in Hb content does not help the patient much in carrying oxygen to cells.

3. The pulse rate must be between 50 to 100mm without any irregularities. BP Diastolic must be 50 to 100 mm Hg and Systolic 100 to 180 mm Hg.

4. You can donate blood if you are not suffering from any infectious (such as a cold or flu) or chronic diseases (such as diabetes) or illnesses such as cardiac arrest, hypertension, kidney alignments and epilepsy. HIV patients are an absolute no-no. Avoid donating blood for six months after a major surgery.

5. Ensure that you do not take any intoxicating drugs, orally or otherwise, within 48 hours prior to donating blood.

6. Be careful to check that you do not have high blood pressure.

If you are menstruating or pregnant, then that is not the time to donate blood. Those who have miscarried should avoid donating blood for the next six months, according to the Indian Blood Bank Society. Do not consume alcohol or caffeine beverages for 24 hours before donating blood.

7. Wait for a month if you have had a major dental procedure, and avoid donating if you are scheduled for dental work within 24 hours.

8. A donor can donate blood again three months after the last donation.

Prepare yourself

Here is some advice from the Indian Blood Bank Society

 Prepare yourself by having enough fruit juice and water in the night and morning before you donate blood.

 Avoid donating blood on an empty stomach. Eat three hours before you donate blood. Avoid fatty foods. Eat food which is rich in iron such as whole grains, eggs, and beef, and spinach, leafy vegetables, orange and citrus.

Donation drive

Narayana Health - Society for Rehabilitation of Crippled Children (SRCC) Children’s Hospital has organised a Blood Donation Camp. The drive began on June 11 and continues till June 15. Dr. Zarin Bharucha, Chairperson, Federation of Bombay Blood Banks and also WHO consultant and international expert on transfusion medicine inaugurated the camp. Dr. Purna Kurkure (Medical Director), Mr. Arunesh Punetha (Zonal Director) and Mr. Rupesh Chaubey (Facility Director), Narayana Health - SRCC Children’s Hospital were present on the occasion at NH-SRCC Children’s Hospital, Haji Ali Park, Mahalaxmi.

Narayana Health SRCC Children’s Hospital urges people to come forward and donate blood during this camp.

SRCC Children’s Hospital, managed by Narayana Health, is a multi-speciality hospital. Of the 207 beds currently operational, 87 have been allocated for Multispecialty Critical Care covering newborns to adolescents. The hospital offers critical care where a qualified team of Paediatric Intensivists will be able to provide Emergency Life Support (ELS) for children with failure of their vital organs including heart, lungs and kidneys, according to a release. Also available are a team of specialists in cardiac sciences, neurosciences, hematology- oncology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, orthopaedics, ENT, gastroenterology, diagnostics services and nephrology, amongst others.

SRCC is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1948 to start a children’s orthopaedic hospital to assist children affected by polio.

Health report for cops

Doctors at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, recently handed over Health Report Cards of policemen and policewomen of Mulund and Bhandup areas. These were based on comprehensive health checks and doctor consultations conducted for the police force in these locations. The hospital also announced that it was adopting the police stations in these localities, with the police being offered health benefits.

Additional Commissioner of police (East region ), Gautam Lakhmi (centre) felicitating medical staff with a certificate of appreciation at the BLS training activity conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mulund.             

Dr. Manjeet Singh, General Physician demonstrating Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques on a police official at the BLS training activity conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mulund.

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