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Get Over The Hangover

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Drinking your heart out on New Year’s Eve is absolutely fine, but not if you start your first day of the year with nausea, vomiting and a throbbing headache. Take this quiz to find out if you are doing the right things to get over the New Year hangover, says Sunny Rodricks

While the tried and tested solution of drinking water with a tinge of lemon or taking a cold water shower works in the case of a hangover, there are a few other things that could help as well. Take this quiz to find out if you’re aware of them.

1.         How much and how often do you drink?

            a) I drink moderately as I know my limit

            b) I drink everyday and finish the bottles as they come

2.         Do you consume food while bingeing on alcohol?

            a) Yes. I prefer eating a lot of food and snacks as I drink

            b) No. I prefer drinking over eating. A munch or two is more than enough for me

3.         Do you drink till you pass out?

            a) No

            b) Yes

4.         After passing out and regaining consciousness, do you still continue to drink?

            a) No

            b) Yes

5.         What do you do to cure your hangover?

            a) Eat a light breakfast and keep myself hydrated by drinking lots of water

            b) Eat a heavy and greasy meal and binge on my regular cup of coffee

6.         You know you’re body is aching with pain, what do you do to give it some rest?

            a) I try my best to have a slow day and allow my body to get as much rest as it needs before getting back to the grind

            b) I prefer taking an Aspirin or ibuprofen or maybe even a hangover pill in order to cure my system after last night

7.         Post the hangover your body is craving a shower, you take...

            a) A cold or lukewarm shower

            b) A hot water bath. It’s really chilly this time of the year

Mostly As: It seems like you and your body are in sync. There is nothing wrong with what you’re doing and every step that you take is a controlled one as you know where to draw the line when it comes to drinking. You prefer drinking because you like to and not until you pass out. With just a peg or two you’re done for the night and are still sober and don’t need anyone to take care of you or take you home. Your choice of meal for the next day is also good as it gives your body the nourishment it needs. By getting adequate sleep you give your body some much needed rest and keep the symptoms of hangover at bay.

Mostly Bs: It seems that you may be out of control when it comes to enjoying an evening of drinks. Being a regular drinker, you don’t even know how to cure your hangover and that’s a sign of worry. Having a hot water bath adds to your woes as hot water will only make your condition worse, given that your body is already feeling the heat due to last night’s alcohol consumption. Another mistake that you tend to make is that you continue to drink even after passing out or once the hangover is over. While we know that you love your daily does of coffee, what you don’t realize is that coffee is actually diuretic and causes your body to lose water quickly. So sip on water instead of your regular cuppa in order to feel better.


Water: While alcohol is dehydrating, water is the world’s best cure for a hangover. Drink plenty of water in order to keep your body hydrated.

Water and lemon: Drinking water will help to rehydrate you while the lemon will also speed up the break-down of alcohol in your body, thereby shortening the duration of the hangover.

A dose of painkiller: Painkillers help to fight the headaches and muscle cramps as they have paracetamol based in it, which is ideal for curing hangovers. But, make sure you don’t go overboard with the painkillers.

Eat a full meal and hydrate before drinking: As you drink through the night, you won’t only get intoxicated, but the alcohol also gets absorbed very quickly in the body. Eating a healthy meal before drinking is a great idea as it slows down the absorption of alcohol in the body.

Eat raw foods: Eating raw fruits or having a fresh and crunchy fruit salad is the best way to get rid of hangovers. Apples and bananas in particular work as effective hangover cures. Having an apple on an empty stomach not only brings quick relief, but also helps fight headaches.

Medical attention: If your vomiting doesn’t stop or you are vomiting blood, then you should visit a doctor or seek medical attention.

Take a bath: Yes it’s a chilly winter and its best to have a hot water bath, but remember it’s not the best solution for getting rid of a hangover. So opt for a cold water bath as it will help the heat in your body to cool down. And if you can’t brave it, then you could also opt for a lukewarm shower.

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