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Problem Solver: Ask Our Beauty Expert

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Dear Barbara,
I have recently come back from a beach vacation  sporting a nasty sun tan. I spent a great deal of time in the water and lounging about on the seashore, which seems to have run riot on my skin. Since I was already not quite pale skinned, the tan looks awful. I want to get rid of it. What can I do? Please help!
– Priyanka Gupta, Colaba

Dear Priyanka

Sun tans are caused due to the production of melanin in our skin. While getting sun tans is a craze in the west, they don’t suit the Indian complexion. Home remedies work the best in such situations and lemon juice can help. Mix the juice of a lemon with cucumber extract and rose water, and generously lather it on your skin. This should clear out the tan and restore your complexion to its original shade. Even a mixture of mashed papaya with a tablespoon of honey can work wonders.

Dear Barbara,
During my childhood I was a tomboy. I would often scrape my knees while roughhousing around with the other kids. The scars of the wounds have remained, causing the skin on my knees to darken and become scaly and dry. I get extremely self conscious when I have to wear short dresses, skirts or shorts, which puts my knees on display. Is there a way to lighten the skin around my knees.
– Palak Soni, Goregaon

Dear Palak,

We have all scraped our knees when we were children, which does result in scars that tend to darken over time. The skin around the knees is usually thick and since it has no oil glands, it tends to get dry and scaly. If not maintained, this skin can become darker. Apply coconut oil to the darkened area two or three times a day and massage it in. Coconut oil contains vitamin E, which will lighten your skin and nourish it. Scrubbing your knees with lemon juice or yoghurt can also help lighten the skin in the area. Lemon has bleaching and exfoliating properties, which can clear out all the dead skin cells, while the lactic acid present in yoghurt will help lighten your skin.

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