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Shape Of My Heart

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Forget dieting for a wedding! A new trend is all about getting into shape for a proposal. People seem to be more focused on getting shapely for their proposal, not for their partners but for their Instagram followers! Trisha Ghoroi tells you about the new trend of getting in ‘proposal shape’

Wasn’t their already enough pressure on brides-to-be, in terms of planning the wedding, making a guest list, choosing their wedding dress and at the same time getting in shape for the big day? But, according to a recent trend, it seems as though getting in shape has shifted from a pre-wedding goal to a pre-proposal fad. In some way, it strikes off one task from the list, and it’s never too early to get in shape. But, is the idea behind it as positive as the result? We’re telling you about the new trend.


From the #justwokeup look to the phrase ‘if you don’t Instagram it, did it really happen,’ our lives are revolving around likes, comments and showing the world what an amazing life we’re living. We post pictures of everything online, from our lunches to our pets, and if you’ve been in a relationship (which, obviously, the whole world knows about!), the proposal becomes a big deal.

And, in the age where you see videos of surprise marriage proposals and pictures of dreamy engagements, no one wants to be left behind. But, how can you let the cellulite on your arms or that little potbelly be visible in the picture which is major part of that ‘oh so important’ post?

The idea of getting fit before starting a new journey is great and no one should discourage that. But, what should be discouraged is spending hours every day on social media and waiting for approval from your followers.


Even though the social media fever is high, not all worry about the opinion of others. Many people feel the need to be fit before popping the question as they feel the fitter (or thinner!) they are, the higher the chances of the proposal being accepted. And, if you are the one proposing, you can plan ahead and give yourself enough time to reach the goal. But, most people get it wrong because they have an unrealistic goal in mind. Here are some of the common health goals and their realistic timelines.

  • Losing weight: Throughout our life, this has been a permanent goal, which we always struggle to achieve, and ordering your wedding dress two sizes too small is not going to help. To lose weight quickly, try a high-protein, low-carb diet. This will draw out fats and help your body burn them easily. Combine this with weight training and you’ll soon reach your goal, as long as it’s realistic.
  • Realistic goal: Try and lose one to two pounds a week.
  • Toned figure: So you’ve been eating healthy and are in perfect shape for the big day. But, you don’t want your bulky arms to ruin the picture. Toning up helps you tighten your skin and lose the last bit of fat. Eating complex carbohydrates and more protein while practising yoga and strength-training will help you tone your muscles.
  • Realistic goal: You’ll start seeing results after the first month.


When you’re looking to lose weight quickly, you’ll stumble across more than a few diet and workout fads, which will claim to be the fastest in helping you lose weight. These only end up hampering your health. Avoid trends like a diet based on your blood type, as it has no scientific backing and greatly restricts certain food groups. The five-bite diet basically has you eating fewer calories, but the restrictive diet is to be avoided. And, there are even wackier diets — the baby food diet. You know what you should do! Give the baby its bottle!

Before you settle for a diet, read about it and make sure that it’s healthy and won’t have a negative impact on your health. It’s best to talk to a nutritionist and sketch out a plan according to your eating habits, lifestyle and weight loss goals. The same goes for working out. Running mile after mile on the treadmill may have worked for your friend, but it might not help you. Focus on weight training to move your muscles.

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