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Winter Woes

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

We all desire flawless beauty, but the chill of winter often stops us from enjoying blemish-free, glowing skin. It’s time to tackle it this season as Gurjyot Kaur talks about a few common winter beauty issues and how to deal with them

Although we’re enjoying the chill that this season brings, the cool winter air has its own set of beauty woes, sending us into a frenzy as we try to find a beauty routine that suits us. Perfecting a radiant glow may seem difficult this season as numerous skin issues such as brittle nails, dull and frizzy hair and chapped lips and heels manifest themselves. The cold temperature causes havoc as moisture is robbed from our skin, leaving it flaky and itchy. Dry hands and chapped lips are not just embarrassing, but can also cause bleeding if your skin is sensitive. If you’re wondering how you can fix these issues, we bring you easy solutions to five common winter beauty problems that you may be facing.


Chapped lips are the most commonly faced problem during winters, and they don’t just spoil our appearance, but can be painful too. Our lips are very delicate and due to the dry cold weather, they may even start bleeding if we don’t take care of them properly. Moisturising and scrubbing can help, but to avoid dry and parched lips, this needs to be done frequently. Remember that hydration plays an important role in keeping your lips smooth and soft; therefore avoid licking your lips often.

How to fix it: Aakriti Kochar, hair and makeup expert at Oriflame India, says, “Dry weather and wind is a common cause of most skin-related problems. To take care of chapped lips, drink lots of water and use a nourishing lip balm during the day and night. For severe dryness, apply honey mixed with glycerin on your lips overnight to nourish them.”


Battling frizzy and static hair can be troublesome, especially during winters when the condition of our hair deteriorates. The cold winter winds strip away the moisture from our hair, making it dull, frizzy, rough and unmanageable. Essential shine and softness is lost and dandruff flakes appear, making our hair look limp and lifeless.

How to fix it: To get rid of this problem, hydrate your hair, but avoid washing it frequently, as the essential oils may be washed out. Keep your scalp nourished by regularly massaging it with oil. Aakriti says, “Frizzy hair is a result of dry wind, but hot showers can also cause it. You cannot avoid hot showers in this chilly weather, so use extra conditioner on your hair after shampooing and a serum on damp hair before styling. This controls the frizz and makes your hair manageable and lustrous.”


Lack of vitamins and the chilly temperature together can hamper nail health, causing breakage and brittle nails. The cold temperature is the major cause of dry and cracked nails. Well manicured hands and nails can be achieved through proper care and even during winters you can keep them groomed by simply keeping yourself well nourished.

How to fix it: To combat this problem, apply a hand lotion every time you wash your hands. Use a nourishing hand cream before bed to help keep your nails healthy. When outdoors, keep your hands and feet covered at all times to protect them from the harsh conditions.


Unpleasantly dry skin can lead to peeling as the harsh weather can rob your skin of its moisture. Peeling skin can cause pain and lead to bleeding too. Thus it’s essential to pay special attention to your skin during the winter.

How to fix it: Make moisturising a key part of your daily morning routine. Find a cream that suits your skin and moisturises it completely. For best results, apply the cream after a bath. Also, remember to clean your face with a cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin dry and feeling dull.


The freezing cold can turn our cheeks red, and although this may look like an image straight out of a children’s story book, this rosy red skin can lead to irritation and itchiness, which is damaging to your skin.

How to fix it: Aakriti says, “Sensitive skin or excessively dry skin tends to get red in winters. Using baby oil on your face and almond oil on your body is an effective way to deal with this sensitivity. Also make sure to use SPF even in winters to protect your skin from damage against the sun’s UV rays.”

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