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'I was not a fan of 'Big Boss' but would watch it because of Salman Khan'

Thursday, February 15, 2018

After three months of constant struggle (to not get evicted), fights, drama and emotions, controversial TV soap 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai' actress Shilpa Shinde bagged the title of winner of 'BigBoss' Season 11. She shares her journey with The Afternoon D&C reporter Shaiber Raichur

Getting a chance to interview Shilpa was, in itself, an exciting experience. I was welcomed at her residence and by the actress herself with a big smile that seemed to stay on in the afterglow of her triumph in Big Boss.

Congratulating her on her win I got talking to the actress, who has barely been shy of controversy throughout her career, about her  journey from being issued a ban threat from working in the television industry to bagging the title. Setting the record straight, she smiled and clarified, "First of all, the channel can ban me, the producer can ban me but nobody can ban me from working. I work for my bread and butter like while I was working for 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai', it was like you can't work, you can't do this and that and basically restricting me from doing lots of things. Things don't work like this but they did. These people are like 'white collar mafia', so that journey or the show which I did was not an easy one, because of the hard work I put in with dedication."

Adding further on the issue, Shilpa said, "I was a member of the Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA) and after the controversy around 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai' erupted, CINTAA removed my membership. Even during the AGM, when I was present there for the meeting, they literally insulted me. I got the offer for 'BigBoss' Season 11 after this incident. I was not a fan but would watch it because of Salmanji. After getting into the BigBoss house my journey was different as well as difficult. I experienced multiple emotions, but also did tasks assigned to me with enthusiasm and utmost seriousness, but the best thing I learned in my Big Boss journey is 'patience', and now I am out as a winner."

Quizzing Shinde about the way Kangana Ranaut has brought out many changes in the industry, she said, "The way Kangana says, 'I feel as I am speaking for myself', because whatever happens in our industry no one speaks about it boldly, even if they find anything wrong or even if they suffer. We all have families and no one can stop us from working. We should put our views firmly and raise our voice against injustice."

"Like for example even after being removed from CINTAA I did BigBoss on television and according to the Competition Commission Law, you cannot stop anyone from working. Even when the union went on a strike, the producer himself said that you cannot stop them from working. Then in my case why did these people try to stop me from working? This means they did it purposely", she added.

On her prime qualities that helped her win the show, she said, "I don't repeat what others do, that is my personal nature, because if I'll do the same then what will be the difference between me and others. So yes, I did not fight unnecessarily or speak about anyone without any reason. I believe that all this happened due to karma. "

On how BB has helped her in enriching her personality, Shinde said: "First I was not keen on doing BB, but after the show ended I now feel that people have started developing a positive image and good impression of me. I have received so many gifts from my fans and most of them are girls and I am happy that people are loving me."

Inside the house she was tagged as 'Kitchen Queen' and also as a 'Mother', she said, "I got these two titles inside the house, because I used to cook for the whole house and some people also called me 'Maa' and yes I kept the respect of the word Maa and treated them well even if they insulted me."

On the difference between her real life and reel life characters, Shinde responded with a childlike infectious smile,"In real life I am a very simple person and I treat everyone well and I think that is why at the time of doing the show, the audience saw that thing in me and they started comparing me to a common person, which I am. Speaking of my reel life characters I do all my work with total dedication."

Her equation with Vikas Gupta was quite interesting as both of them entered the house fighting. On her equation with Vikas during the show, she even promised him to work with him again, Shinde said, "We are not enemies nor friends. Yes, I have promised him that I will work with him but that will be only for a day or two, not more than that. So many things happened in the house and because of that only people were able to see the real me. So now I can say that the people who tried to make my image negative actually made it positive during Big Boss. I have always noticed that many of the problems can be solved without fighting. In fights our ego and attitude doesn't allow us to solve the issue. So my equation with Vikas Gupta, for now, is to say Hi and Hello only."

After giving her four names (of the other contestants) and asked to describe them in one word. She replied with a laugh: Hina Khan -- vamp of the show, Hiten Tejwani -- diplomatic, Vikas Gupta -- mastermind, Akash Dadlani -- stupid, mad.

On her inspiration, Shinde said, "My father is my inspiration because the bond between me and my father was the best. He taught me a lot of good things, those values are helping me survive among bad people and competition. I want to mention that I can relate to the movie PIKU because our bond was the same. "

Recently Salman Khan tweeted, 'Ladki mil gayi' and when asked about the tweet, Shipla said, "I am not that girl because right now I have not signed any projects."

Shinde further added that, “Salman is a very good human being and he always supported me, in fact, we can say that he supported that thing in me which was true and right. I think he kept himself in my place and tried to understand my situation, which was a very big thing for me. I would love to work with him though I don't expect to do so but I'm happy with the way he has treated me and respected me, that alone makes me very happy."

On how she can be described in one sentence she said, "As a good person because I don't only say good things, I act on them too."

On the tweets, where her fans broke all records, she said, "My fans are genuine and say that they have stopped watching her show ('Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai') after I stopped appearing in that serial. In BB, people saw me, my inner self and that is why they voted for me and made me the winner. 'Thank you' is a very small word to acknowledge them for their love and support, but yes I love all my fans who stood by me when I was inside the house."

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