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Great victory, NaMo! Now what about Kashmir?

Friday, March 09, 2018

As reported, we would like to congratulate Namo and Amit Shah for a great victory in the North East. We feel great and proud to have energetic and policy making Prime Ministers like Namo and we wish him further success and victory but, he seems to have failed in Kashmir miserably. Pakistan attacks we retaliate! It almost amounts to ding dong battles full of mockery with no end to it. It means our retaliatory action is not sufficient to deter Pakistan from attacking us again and again, which is at full proxy war against India. We feel proud of our surgical strike, but that is now a very old issue and we should not gloat over it more as many of our soldiers are dying after that and it has not deterred Pakistan to attack us in any way. No doubt the Kashmir problem has been bequeathed upon us by the Congress party. In 1948, Pt.Nehru went to UNO against the advice of Sardar Patel when we were winning war.

Then we won the 1965 war and then 1971 war with 93,000 prisoners of war. We were in a very good bargaining position but we gave back the conquered territory back on platter. We created Bangladesh but, we did not solve Kashmir problems when we were in a very good strong position. Can there be anything more stupid? The question thus arises, have our soldiers died or sacrificed in vain. Now, we are not taking any action on Pakistan. We are imploring USA and UNO to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state. But,why don't we have faith and confidence in ourselves and declare Pakistan as a terrorist state and snap all relation with Pakistan; be it Social cultural diplomatic economic bus services or overflights. We scream, protest against Pakistan whenever they take action or helicopter comes near LOC but, no action is taken. We withdraw FIRs of stone pelters but file FIRs against our armed forces who get kill in self-defence and safety. How dare stone pelters attack our valiant security forces with impunity? Our army personnel should use regular guns and shoot them down and not pellet guns which are mere toys. After all action speaks louder than words. We are dealing with Pakistan in a normal way and given it the most favoured status.
— S.P. Sharma, Mumbai


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