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The Modi wave continues to surge!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

BJP emerging as the largest party and a clear winner, after 20 years in UP reveals the fact that BJP has become a mass-based party with a charismatic leader. The BJP is unique among India's political parties as neither it nor its political predecessors were ever associated with the Congress. It is now universally acknowledged that Modi is a good orator and he can keep his audience in thrall, glued to every word of his. He is the first PM who has popularity all over the world for his excellent and dynamic presentation making India very stable despite too much opposition. No politician in the past 30 years has occupied the public's mind space as he has. For Modi, the victory in Uttar Pradesh is not  just a validation for his tenure as PM so far, but it has cut a pathway to 2019.

Only performers have won the election. Mere criticism will not have desired effect if it is not substantiated. The message is very positive and people's interest lies in the progress and not in unnecessary protest and slogans. The Congress is surely losing its power base across the country, and for good reason. The decline and fall of the Congress is an arresting story written time and again, but this time the party is at the nadir of its influence in national politics. The Congress’s failure to project a suitable chief ministerial candidate in most of the elections must have harmed its prospects. On ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ BJP is making a deeper dent. India is completely changed in last 15 years and the new generation want development and an aggressive and bold leader like Modi.

— Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad

Despite being the number two party in the Assembly elections held in Goa and Manipur, it is unethical that the BJP is now trying to cobble up the requisite numbers by enticing regional parties and independents with the carrot of ministerial posts and bribe them to be on their side. The respective Governors too appear to be playing a political game by not inviting the Congress as they have become the agents of the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. It appears that they are in a hurry to swear in a leader who claims to have the numbers with the letters of support and physical presence of the elected representatives. “All is fair in love and war” and we could include politics in this too. Such is the hunger for power that political parties are bidding goodbye to ethics and norms.

— Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

The recently announced election verdict has clearly proved that the voters cannot be induced by caste, creed, language or religion. It is no small wonder therefore that Indian Muslims voted in large numbers for the BJP to prove their solidarity with their nation. The entire political scenario in India is changing to merit and result based politics. Transparency and accountability will be the highest priority as winning elections is good, gaining power is better but retaining power is the best!

— K.V. Satyamurty, Mumbai

One explicit message from the electoral verdict of Assembly election of India's largest state is that self-seeking opposition leaders are no match for 'One Man Army' Mr. Narendra Modi. And that Modi is invincible. Some frustrated opposition leaders had hurled the worst abuses at Modi and demeaned his position as PM which is unparalleled in the post-independence history of our country. But, people of UP converted the very abuses and insults into an ocean of votes for Modi because they were fully convinced that Modi is honest, incorruptible and committed to develop India. The bicycle of UP got washed by Modi wave.

Ever since Modi has become the PM he has been unperturbed by the periodic unjustified utterances of his political opponents, it is irrefutable that Modi is the most courageous and popular PM India ever had. He took the most bold and incredible decision of DeMo. The outcome of almost all elections held after DeMo confirmed one fact that people fully supported his bold action against black money despite facing undue hardships. And all attempts by opposition leaders to instigate people against DeMo through protests turned futile. Post surgical strike and demonetisation, Modi's popularity chart is moving North. He appears to be in an unassailable position. And the expiry period of BJP rule at the Centre is most likely to be extended beyond 2019.

— Prof. K.H. Karkera, Mumbai

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