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The ‘Padmavati’ Fiasco

Monday, December 04, 2017

The Supreme Court has fired those Chief Ministers who have banned the movie 'Padmavati'. The apex court had questioned ministers as to how they could interfere in censor related issues and act on behalf of the authorised censor personnel. However, here I'd like to say that if the Censor Board had approved the movie and if any state protested in violence post the release, the Supreme Court would still target states. So, by banning the movie, ministers have took a good precaution step.
— Bhavesh Jani, Nalasopara

The Rajput for long have been made demi gods as characters by Bollywood and in turn what does Bollywood get? Open death threats, slurs on the heroines character and what not.

A, they don’t know their history well, and B, they haven’t seen the movie. I guess the Bollywood ego of being a Rajput has taken over them and is obviously taking them off track. I think it's time for them to come to ground level from the Bollywood cloud that they are floating on and for which Bollywood is to blame. Ek Rajput ki sabaan….omg, now from the same Rajput sabaan we get open death threats….Some dialogues in Bollywood which have made these guys so arrogant…Rajpoot hathyar sirf shouk ke liye rakthe hain varna kauf ke liye sirf naam hi kafi hai…Agar koi patthar se maare tho jawab phool se do…lekin uski kabr par chada kar…

Rajput hoon rajputani shaan raktha hoon bahar se shaant hoon andar toofan rakhtha hoon…uff…and there are thouands like this.

Bollywood has chadaoed them too much. Ideally, if they are so miffed, the least they can do is to approach the Chief Minister and the courts ( if they are not happy with the Censor Board's decision) as there is a legal process that can be followed. Unfortunately, the Rajasthan govt may be silent due to vote bank politics impact. And if the Rajputs have guts to give open death threats then the least the Government can do is to take suo moto action and arrest these thugs. While most people, be it individuals or groups (like in this case) make a huge controversy just before the movie release to extract their pound of flesh as in financial extortion, it makes us wonder whether this group too can be handled through a out of court settlement.

Wonder…Remember the Pakistani artistes hired by Karan Johar and how it was settled? If that’s the case, the producers going forward may be incorporating a financial item in their budget as Sena Dena expenditure.
—Chandrakant Kotian, Mumbai

According to the papers the Supreme Court has asked the politicians to refrain from making any comments on the controversial epic Padmavati, saying that this may prejudice the Censor Board. Now the Censor Board is not a bunch of school going kids for their judgement to be clouded or swayed by the utterances of the politicians, unless of course they issue directives or diktats to the Board !!!! The politicians on the other hand are gleefully ever eager to extract political mileage out of any situation to project their agenda. It may be recollected that in the last week, this episode had whipped up a frenzy and flurry of commotion and there were claims and counter claims made by persons based on hearsay without having actually seen the movie. However no one paid any attention to two reputed personalities Raza Murad and Rajat Sharma, amongst others too, who had waxed eloquently on the merits and plus points of the film. They had stated that there was absolutely no slur shown on the character of the central character Rani Padmavati. Why has an offence been taken then. It amounts to Much Ado About Absolutely Nothing.
—Hemant Hemmady, Virar

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