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The Triple Talaq Saga

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I hope the decision taken by the Supreme Court in the matter of the Triple Talaq and other issues is in consonance with the views of the general Muslim women, which is to abolish the issues which stick out like a sore thumb. I do not know why the Supreme Court should take six days to come out with a ruling when the matter of triple talaq is an open and shut case. There should not be any cause for any rankle for the Muslim women as most of them realise that it is more of a bane rather than a boon to practice these issues. However, even if the Supreme Court comes out with a ruling that is against the majority of the women who want the said practices to be abolished, the Parliament, taking a cue from the Shah Bano case, should override the Supreme Court verdict. Because it is the welfare of the women that is at stake and the great Swami Vivekananda had uttered the following statement, “The best thing to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women”. He had also said that there is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of the women is improved.
— Hemant Hemmady, Mumbai

As reported, triple talaq is the order of the day and lot of discussion is taking place on its validity. Actually speaking our society has always been dominated by men and women are considered as secondary citizens. So, all regulations and rules have been made by men to suit their conveniences and comforts and women are always at the receiving end and in pitiable conditions. Actually no where in Quran it is mentioned that three talaqs can be given to women at any time and thus it is not valid. Nor it is mentioned that a man can marry four women. Historically speaking in medieval times men used to go out to fight and spread religion and women were left behind. So rule was formed that one man should look after four women and give them same respect, dignity as you give to your wife and meet their requirements. So, this rule was interpreted instead of looking after them, they kept them as their wives. There was no electricity when Islam was formed so there is no need for loudspeakers etc. Loudspeakers are banned in many Islamic countries even today as it disturbs the peace and tranquility of the area. Lot of changes have taken place in society since Islam was formed so, Islam today requires many changes. I also spoke with my Muslim friends and told them that in modern times and scientific area burkhas are not required. I was told that more the woman is educated more she insists on wearing burkha as it gives them a lot of freedom.

Your wife, daughters, sisters etc can move about with anybody in front of you and you cannot object. Boys are known to enter hostels wearing burkha without any objection. The question arises that is religion or God so weak that it shake them from their foundation and their God is so weak that they require help of mundanes to sustain itself unlike Hinduism which is bout 8500 years old and could withstand blasphemy, criticism and conversions. Triple Talaq should be made invalid so that Muslim ladies can live with peace, dignity and honour and certainty like many non-Muslim ladies.
— S P Sharma, Mumbai

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