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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

While most of us are still figuring out what to do with our lives when we’re 25-years-old, Bhagyashree Suthar sets a great example by being one of the youngest artists to have a solo show at Akara Art Gallery. Khevna Pandit speaks to her about her fascination for art

There’s something magical about the arts, and while not all of us are blessed with a creative streak, if you do have a flair for it, it’s imperative to make the most of your talent. Which is why, with one goal in mind, 25-year-old Bhagyashree Suthar manages to speak volumes through her futuristic sculptures and models, made with beeswax. Her vision captures the complexities of nature, but she builds them up into simplistic figurines. With a grand exhibition at Akara Art Gallery, she becomes one of the youngest artist to have a solo show. We spoke to her about her art, her inspirations and what the future holds.

Were you always interested in perusing art? What led you to this field?
Yes, I’ve always been interested in drawing and storytelling, but I think, unlike most people who initially are too, I never really stopped pursuing it. This interest became a major part of my career. At an exhibition during my junior college days, I received a lot of encouragement and positive feedback, and that led me to opt for the arts as my field of interest.

Tell us something about the inspiration behind your work of art ‘Fractal Future’. What was the idea you had in mind when you came up with it?
Imagining a city of the future has been a source of fascination for me, and I express it by embracing the unexpected multi-perspective of hypnotic architecture. My initial influences were the futuristic architectural elements of Zaha Hadid’s designs. Her buildings showed the essence of motion and malleability. Eventually, Hadid’s unconventional architectural forms made way for my interest in Renaissance drawings of imaginative forms, sacred geometry and nature.

The main medium used in your collection is beeswax. Is there a specific reason behind this? What was the idea behind using it in the making of your sculptures?
I use beeswax as the main medium in my work because it uplifts the character of futuristic architecture. It allows me to work with carved shapes and bright colours, incising the surface and making designs by removing and adding any form of wax to it. As the core of futuristic architecture depends on the use of violet material, the shiny and smooth quality of wax completes its architecture by representing modernity. None of this would be possible with any other material.

You say that you have always been inspired by nature. Can you elaborate on that a little?
In most of my work I have referred to nature quite prominently. And, the aspects of nature that fascinate me are the Fibonacci sequence and fractals, with their geometric principles and infinite forms. These endless patterns are what I have used as a reference for defining my futuristic forms. For example, the way leaves grow around each other in plants, the closeup of Romanesco broccoli, the small buds of a pineapple, ice crystals forming and the branches of a tree are all inspirations for my work.

Pursuing art isn’t an easy or straightforward career choice. How has your family taken to it?
It is only because of my parents that I have come so far. They have always been supportive of my work, from my graduation until today, about absolutely everything regarding this field.

Is there anything specific that you’re working on at the moment? What is your next step in this field?
I’m currently exploring my drawing skills as the beeswax structures that I make have been inspired by my drawings. So, I want to be more confident in the future about my drawings, especially when I’m creating things on larger scales. Once I improve my drawing, I will continue to explore more artwork with my beeswax techniques.

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