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Friday, May 19, 2017

Working out can be tough, especially when you don’t have the right inspiration. Jagruti Verma talks to a few fitness experts to bring you their work out secrets and motivations

We find it difficult to get ourselves to work out regularly, and this is mostly because we lose interest. Keeping our enthusiasm levels up and staying motivated over long periods is no easy task. But, we have to dig deep to find our feet when it comes to staying fit. So, we asked a few fitness trainers across the city to tell us how they push themselves to achieve their fitness goals. Maybe they can serve as inspiration.

Don’t overdo it
The first rule to exercising is not to push your body too much. Deepika Lalwani, fitness and nutrition professional, shares her concerns because her routine involves taking multiple classes regularly. She says, “Generally, all fitness trainers tend to over-work their bodies. Taking multiple classes a day can result in fatigued muscles and injuries. Whenever I am conducting a class, I make sure that my complete focus is on my clients. I demonstrate the exercise and then closely observe as they work out, correcting their mistakes. I feel it is extremely important for trainers to understand that we should differentiate a class from a workout session.”

Do your research
Fitness trainer Vaibhav Kitta doesn’t believe in workout secrets. He feels that it’s all about how you feel about fitness. He tells us, “You should always try to work out consistently with a will to push your limits.” Of course, you must ensure it doesn’t result in injuries! He advises, “I used to spend a lot of sleepless nights reading articles and theories on how to get better. I would also observe techniques used by trainers around me.”

Ditch the stereotypes
Body composition coach Nilparna Sen, tells us how she discovered the benefits of strength training. She says, “When I started on my fitness journey, all I wanted was to build my abs, and no matter how much cardio I did and how little I ate, I couldn’t seem to get any closer to the physique I craved for. Then, I discovered strength training and got the desired results. Lifting heavy weights helped me a lot!” She also tells us that she feels women tend to be sceptical about heavy weight training as they fear that it will make them look manly. “A good strength program would give you a toned look at most,” she says.

Creating balance
Independent strength and conditioning coach Gaurav Nijhon tells us about his ‘Keep It Simple’ principle. He says, “Before starting with my workout, I spend five to ten minutes on foam rolling. The next step includes spending another five minutes working on my spine, hip, ankle and shoulder mobility, which involves moving the joints effectively through their range of motion. The third step is to activate your muscles before going into a strength section. To do this, I spend five minutes doing a few sets of 10 to 15 reps. Then, I make sure that I train each joint instead of training muscles in isolation.” He also tells us that a sound strength training program must contain all movement patterns, and that hitting all the critical areas must include balancing the ratio of movements you spend on each.

Eat healthy
Battling body issues when she was a teenager, Dr. Apurva Labhsetwar, women’s health physiotherapist and fitness trainer at Mamma Mia, Fortis La Femme, had a tough time realising the importance of fitness. She tells us about her secrets to getting favourable results. She says “Being consistent in your effort, enjoying your workouts and eating healthy are important to get desired results. Also, don’t be afraid of diets. They won’t make you starve; they will just guide you to eating healthy.”

Always try to be happy
Fitness professional Nivedita Dempo tells us her secret to a happy workout. She says, “As a fitness expert, I focus more on making health and fitness a way of life rather than getting six-pack abs or perfectly defined muscles. Being happy, healthy and content weighs a lot more in life than your waist size or the numbers on the scale.” Now, that’s advice we could swear by.

Overall health matters
Swapneel Hazare, senior fitness consultant at Prosport Fitness Centre, tells us that his regular workouts include sessions of functional sport-specific training, swimming and outdoor running. He says, “What I have learnt from my experience is that your body adapts to whatever movements you practice and results only come with being consistent. Training alone won’t help you achieve your goals. Sleep, good nutrition and hydration play an important role as well.” He feels that many people tend to overlook resting as a key aspect of training.

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