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Friday, October 07, 2016

With India shining at the Rio Olympics, sports has once again made the headlines. Jagruti Verma steps into H.E.A.L Institute at Khar and tells you why you should consider sports therapy

Having already been to H.E.A.L Institute’s old Parel and Colaba branches, I had a clear idea of what was in store for me. But, their Khar branch was much bigger and better! First off, it is definitely not a place for an unhealthy person like me. But, if you’re into sports, it could be your heaven. With services such as physiotherapy consultancy, strength and conditioning, and message therapy, they cater to different kinds of athletes. However, these services are not limited to just individual athletes; the institute is also associated with teams such as the Jaipur Pink Panthers, Bengaluru Bulls and Bengaluru Football Club, among many others.

Even though it’s a health and fitness facility, the use of colour in the interiors made it seem like a friendly place — something that was very well reflected in the warm smiles of the staff. The structure of the space is pretty simple. They have a gym area where most of the strength and conditioning work is done and a consultation area where physiotherapy and sports massage sessions take place. They currently have a capacity of four beds. What I really liked about the gym area was the way it was designed — in a U shape, such that people using the different sections of the gym have their privacy. Apart from these, they have a corporate office and a cosy refreshments area for the staff.

While strolling through the gym area, a machine that had a small screen and a bunch of buttons caught my eye. It also had handles and a place to put your feet in order to stand on it. I was intrigued by the machine, which led me to undergo an In Body Analysis. First, my height was measured and the data was stored in the machine, after which I was supposed to step on and hold the handle. After numerous reassurances about it being a simple task and that it wouldn’t hurt, I hopped on to it and was greeted by a bunch of numbers. (Let’s just say these indicated that I’m a really unhealthy person.) Later their strength and conditioning coach explained these numbers to me, and how the reports, consequently generated, help with their work. This In Body Assessment Report (Rs 1,500) gives them a clear picture of different aspects such as the percentages of fat, muscle mass and water, among other things. These might mean very little in everyday conversations (unless you’re discussing it over coffee with a physiotherapist), but they are of tremendous significance when it comes to the health of athletes. (This analysis machine is one of their unique offerings.) And finally, their gym isn’t a regular gym. Each piece of equipment has special medical use for treatment and conditioning. 

Although they are not involved with training, they work very closely with coaches to assist them on the health vertical of training sessions. A team of physiotherapists, sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, physicians, nutritionists, sports massage therapists and experts on sports science, driven by Shayamal Vallabhjee, helps sports personalities to not only recover from injuries, but also work on their fitness to prevent injuries — and, the two main offerings of the institute go hand in hand.

A basic physiotherapy consultation session starts at Rs 1,800. As for sessions with their strength and conditioning coaches, prices start at Rs 1,800 per session. They also offer an array of massages where a basic foot massage would cost you about Rs 1,500. They offer two very interesting and unique services that are based on genetics — the Genetic Nutrition Assessment and Genetic Fitness Assessment. Priced at Rs 8,500 each, these help them decide on important aspects of treatment, taking into consideration an athlete’s genetic background. This came as a surprise to me since I always assumed that questions about illnesses in the family were enough for a consultation. But here, they really dwell deeper. To be fair, it might just make a difference between gold and silver!

So, if you love to run or play a sport, it’s time you take a small step back and think about your health like you’ve never done before.

Where 10-B, Vinky Villa, 20th Road, Khar (w)

Contact 26493282/ 26493160

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