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Let your hair down!

Monday, July 17, 2017

If you assumed that hair accessories were only for teenagers, Khevna Pandit attempts to change your mind with ten hair accessories you can style as an adult

As children, we were more open to experimenting with our hair by donning accessories, and we didn’t mind if we ended up with something silly, because we loved whatever we picked. After all, it was cool if it was on Lizzie McGuire, right? However, as we grew up, we were drawn into our established ponytail, braided coifs or other styles that were more about the hair and less about the hair accessories. But, with hippie flower crowns and hipster headbands dominating the trends right now (hello Coachella!), we really don’t see a reason to hold back with the accessories.

Bring back embellished locks from the past and spruce up your hair with trinkets and striking headpieces. Put aside your favourite butterfly clips and boring old scrunchies, and be prepared to turn back the years with our list of ten stunning hair accessories that will transform your luscious locks in an instant — literally! We’re sure you’ll get on board with the hair revolution that’s been taking the styling world by storm.

Minimalistic and elegant, barrettes need no introduction to most of us. However, you don’t have to opt for the usual flat hair clip that has been your go-to over the years. Opt for a classier, more ornate style that you can pair with an evening gown. We love this subtle, yet sophisticated piece that will stand out well on almost any occasion. Be careful not to over-accessorise though; it may look childish.

Embellished hair claw
There’s nothing like turning to our trusty hair clip when push comes to shove, and what could be better than an embellished claw? Perfect for keeping stray strands out of your face, a claw is a stylish accessory that is used to pin up your hair in a fashionable way.

We suggest picking out a large, vintage-looking hair claw that will steal the spotlight with its lustre.

Ah, the ever-favourite headband has been in vogue (well, more or less) since the sixties. We can’t get enough of the grungy, hipster look it helps us pull off, but if you’re in the mood for more ‘Greek princess’ instead of punk rock, pick out an ornamental headband that goes around your hair and pair it with a flowy maxi dress to match the mood.

Funky and useful, a hairband has been our best friend since school days. While we didn’t really have a choice of colours back then, we have all the freedom now. So, hunt for the most intricate head pieces to adorn your hair with. Choose a studded hairband to lose your schoolgirl avatar and transform yourself into a classy dresser in no time. Pair it with a dangling set of earrings and you’re all set to shine.

Bandanas are great for holding your hair in place. For the daring ones who love bike rides, bandanas also shield your hair from the wind. We’re not implying that this is the only use for the bandana; you can turn your favourite scarf into a vibrant bandana and hit the road with a bunch of friends.

Hair chain
Don’t be alarmed; this trend doesn’t want you to chain your hair up. Instead, it allows you to glam up your look with a set of ornate chains. However, be careful so as not to overdo the look, because it tends to get heavy and overwhelming. Keep it simple; pair it with your traditional outfits or wedding ensemble to dazzle under the lights.

Ornamental comb
An ornamental comb is one of our favourites, and not just because it looks dainty. This multipurpose accessory keeps your hair in place and also makes it appear neater. Pick out a graceful piece that can be propped up and woven into several hairstyles. We particularly love how the style makes it look like you have flowers in your hair.

We don’t mean the actual, heavy headdress. However, the tiara (once known as the wedding tiara) was a staple at formal events and was considered a favourite of many. While it may seem like a heavy accessory to carry around, in actual fact, it effortlessly adds an edge to your outfit. Pick a simplistic style and you won’t have to worry about accessorising the rest of your outfit.

Bun tie
You probably didn’t know you needed a bun tie, but that’s alright. Say goodbye to your regular scrunchie and pick out a nifty clip or tie to keep your small bun in place. This could either be a half bun hairstyle or a high bun that doesn’t require looking after. Go crazy!

Flower crown
We’re not asking you to go all-out flower-child and don a floral crown, but there’s always a reason to spin one yourself at home. While flower crowns may not be the ideal option, they’re best suited for a breezy outing with your friends. You can even sport them at an outdoor brunch or a concert as long as you don’t mind a splash of colour in your outfit.

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