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Friday, May 19, 2017

Having a perfect set of eyebrows can help define your face, but are you bold enough to try some of these popular eyebrow trends? Khevna Pandit talks about a few that recently took the world by storm

By now, it feels like we’ve seen everything, from ridiculous unicorn hair and flower contouring to bold red and pink eye makeup, and even vampire facials! And, eyebrows haven’t been ignored by fashion gurus across the world either, going through major changes over decades. From the bushy eyebrows of the ’70s to the wire-thin Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) shapes in the ’90s, eyebrows have gone through a painstaking transformation to be what they are today. But, of course, we’ve definitely encountered some completely ridiculous trends on the way that brought us here today. We rounded up some of the funniest, boldest trends that caught our eye.

Feathered brows
One of the most recent trends on social media sites like Instagram is the feathered eyebrow trend created by beauty vlogger Stella Sironen and Leevi Ikaheimo, which began when Leevi accidentally brushed Stella’s eyebrows and they took on a feather-like appearance. Even though they laughed about it at first, Stella uploaded a picture of her feathered brows on her social media pages the next day, little realising how quickly they were going to go viral. There were mixed responses from people across the world, and we won’t lie, we’re not too sure about what we feel about them either!

Ombre brows
If you’ve dyed your hair every shade available and are looking for a change, here’s a trend that will throw in some colour when you’re bored of the same old look. Unlike the feathered brow trend, this one took off almost instantly. People were seen fashioning deep burgundies and fuchsias on their brows, and we’re just astounded to see how magical the results look.

Instagram Faded brow trend
This subtle trend, birthed on Instagram, has been christened the faded brow trend. The trend leaves a section of your eyebrows barely visible, and then it thickens them so they’re more defined towards the end. It’s also known as the ‘HD brow’ since it looks absolutely stunning in pictures, but we’re not too sure how it looks on the streets. Pair it with the right makeup and let us know!

Lace eyebrows
While we wouldn’t call this a trend we can get on board with, people have seemed to form an affinity for it. Originally created for people who suffered from hair loss due to chemotherapy, this trend involves placing lace over your eyebrows, which helps them to look more defined.

Glitter brows
Created for a fun, festive look, glitter eyebrows are more than just sprinkles of glitter dust on your face. Glide on some classic gold or silver glitter on your brows and set off for a night of partying. This impressive, bold trend uses everything from crystals, rhinestones and glitter to amp up the eyebrows.

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