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10 handy tips for clean and clear kitchen

Friday, December 01, 2017
By Property Team

Cleaning up the kitchen is part of cooking. Not only is it easier to cook in a clean kitchen, but also clean surfaces and storage containers will keep the family healthier and safer

1Have a place for everything. It is much easier to use or find a utensil or appliance. For e.g. use a drawer just for foil, plastic wrap and tissue paper. These items would be always easy to find because they are put away after each use and have a fixed place.

2Clean up spills, as they occur to avoid one huge cleaning session. Try to end each day with a clean, empty kitchen sink. Try to clean the utensils before going to bed.

3If you’ve got a sink stained by hard water, all you need is vinegar to dissolve the calcium deposits and make them completely easy to remove.

4A sponge can sometimes lead to spreading of germs. Prefer using paper towels and newspapers so that they can be discarded after cleaning each surface, to prevent cross-contamination.

5A white sink can make your kitchen look classic and fresh, but it can also show off even the smallest bits of mess. Over time, stains can add up, no matter how vigilantly we clean. Using a lemon wedge can kills germs and brings back some shine.

6Once every 7-10 days, remove all the food from your refrigerator, wipe down the inside with warm soapy water, clean all the shelves and trays, then replace the food. As you work, check expiration dates and discard food past those dates. Place an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge.

7Once a month, remove all the food from your storeroom, wipe down with a clean damp cloth, check for spoilage and expiration dates, and then replace items in their designated places.

8Sometimes, no matter how clean our kitchens are, they just don’t smell clean. That’s when we turn to our old friend vinegar. Simmering some on the stove helps to clear the air and return it to a more neutral smell.

9Keep a bowl beside the cutting board to toss scraps and remains, which would contain the mess instead of spreading it over the counter. When it is done, empty it, clear away any dishes used for pre-preparation, and put away ingredients that are not required before beginning to cook.

10Wash dustbins once a week with a disinfectant and washing powder. Use disposable garbage bags if possible, which must be tied up at night to prevent roaches, lizards or mice from exploring them.

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