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Building Repairs: A Checklist

Saturday, January 06, 2018
By Property Team

Repairing a building is a very difficult task. It first involves getting the residents together, seeking their opinion on whether they are willing to shell out the money it will take. Once that hurdle is past – in many societies, this alone takes several months - the work has only just begun. It is very necessary to make proper planning for a building repair.

If your building needs repairs, this is the time to start thinking about it. Before you begin, however, here is a checklist that will help you get started. This checklist will also help you to know what basic factors are required for building repair.

Plan it out:

  • Appointing a structural consultant to conduct a thorough physical examination is a must. Identify areas that need repairs. Prepare a detailed estimate with specification for repairs. 
  • Shortlist contractors based on their track record. Request the structural consultant to invite bids. Select the most competitive bidder after proper evaluation of technical and financial conditions of the offer.
  • The Consultant for repairs should select materials. Ensure the materials are being batched and mixed properly. See that the steps specified for the repairs are correctly followed. Make sure the repairs are done at locations which need repairs and not elsewhere. Check if surface preparation for repairs is properly done.
  • Make sure the corroded steel is thoroughly cleaned to remove rust scales. Ensure badly corroded steel is replaced by equivalent fresh steel and that cracks, crevices and joints are properly treated before repairs.
  • Check if the concrete, mortar or any other treatment is executed in a correct manner and is of the correct size or thickness. Ensure that repaired surface is cured with water properly and for on adequate number of.

Material matters:

  • Ensure that materials like cement, chemical admixtures, polymers and epoxies are received in sealed containers or bags.
  • Check if the contractor is using the correct or specified brand and type of materials approved or selected by the consultant.
  • Sand used in mortar or concrete should be clean and free from silt. A simple test is to put your hands in a heap of sand and then rub them together. If your hands get dirty the sand needs to be thoroughly washed or else it should be rejected.
  • Water used for preparation of concrete or mortar should be potable - fit for human consumption. Well or borewell water must be tested before using it in concrete or mortar. Water should be free from organic impurities and free from harmful inorganic salts.
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