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Design your home well

Friday, August 11, 2017
By The Property Team

A well designed home is one that merges comfort with style weaving in the desires of the people who reside in it. Here are some trends that will help you design your home well

Interior design is not just about the looks of the building’s interior. Well, it is but it also plays the key role in its functionality because even the largest house can lack space if having a poor interior design, while a tiny apartment can be transformed into a cozy residence with enough space for just about everything with the right design. Designing a beautiful home is truly a delightful experience for the home-owner. But finding the right look and style for the home could be a great challenge. Doing up a home not only involves choosing the right color of paint but translating the personality of the home owner within the interiors of the house.

Go Minimal
High gloss interiors blended with clean surfaces and straight lines is new on the block making it a look where less is definitely more. The focus is on no-nonsense interiors and to avoid unnecessary filling up your house with things. Keeping it minimal creates more space along with effective utilisation.

A carefully placed chandelier can instantly add a touch of elegance to your house. It is the time of designer items and brands. A single well-picked interior piece can make a room look attractive without creating more mess. Be it soft rugs, cool colored wallpapers or lampshades, eye-catching accessories will do the trick and add spark to your house.

Colour Creativity
There is more acceptance to lively colours such as rich fuchsias, electric blue, bright ochre yellows, and purples. One can whip up interesting contrast themes by playing with these colours and creating something new. If you want to remain subdued, just paint one wall bright and let other three remain sober.  

Right Lights
Lights can transform the entire look of your house. Harsh tube-lights are out. There has been an increasing use of mood lighting in the form of indirect lighting like up lights, shades, and encased lights and dimmers. They create an ambience that is warm and cozy and suits your mood.  

Glass Effect
Using huge glass in the house creates illusion of space along with being functional. There are umpteen varieties of glass available to create different look and feel in the house. Having a light in the back of the glass will also create a really great look. Having glass effect inlaid in your interiors in the form of stained glass is another way of creating an innovation in design.  

Avoid Joint Flooring
Joint less flooring creates a very clean and classy look. This can be achieved using vinyl, or through poured concrete with mosaic. If this option is not workable then one can try and use larger sized tiles and bigger slabs of marble or granite. The idea is to reduce the number of joints in the flooring that will help create an elongated feel in the house.

Natural Touch
The growing trend of eco-friendly homes has spurred interest in the use of natural materials. Using materials in their raw form like Bison boards and natural veneers for furniture instead of Formicas are in great demand

Furniture Fashion
It is the age of cool and trendy furniture with warm accents. A little dash of accent material such as leather patches, cork, beaten copper, mother of pearl on the furniture gives it an added design appeal and makes it look very different and attractive.  

Your Space
Having a library, home theatre room, gaming consoles, music room or a gymnasium in your house is another growing trend. You can convert the extra space in your house and use them for recreation purpose.

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