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Faucets trends to look out for this year

Saturday, August 18, 2018

By Sandeep Shukla, Head of Marketing and Communications, Jaquar Group

Bathing spaces, an essential part of every home have significantly evolved over years catering to the ever-changing needs and preferences of Indian consumers. With ever depleting natural resources, the need for innovation in faucets has become even more essential. Alongside, solving the primary utility of dispensing water and newly emerged need of enhancing the aesthetics of a place, faucets can play a big role in drastically reducing the wastage and consumption of water. Therefore, a rise in sustainable designs are being demanded and produced.

Revolutions like faucets with flow restrictor designed to federal standards (2.5 gpm at 80 psi) use sensors as well as aerators to reduce water consumption, the technology involved often atomizes the water to become numerous microdroplets and cover more surface area with less amount of water consumption or mix air with water to serve a similar purpose. To name a few, pressmatic faucets that turn itself off a few seconds after being stimulated; Ultrasonic, or infrared-sensor faucets which dispense water while it senses hands around the sensor and deactivates when the hands are removed.

Before the dramatic upgrade in technology and variety, faucets used to fall under the category of the simple yet innovative technology that was widely used but often ignored. From its function of dispensing water, faucets have come a long way. Not only its utility has diversified but also it is a major element to enhance our interiors.
Coming up with impeccable updations in the faucet technology, many leading brands have cropped up with some amazing advancements to our basic showers and faucets. To give an example, who would have ever thought that our faucets will provide us with filtered water on our command, or for all those who are fed up with the splatter that the faucets cause, the anti-spray technology that some of the leading brands are offering that ensure cleaner and dryer kitchen counters. One of the most remarkable innovations include the faucets that switch on and off with a stomp of your feet.

As bathrooms are shifting from being just the locked spaces to be the space where people indulge, reinvent themselves. The need to accessorise bathrooms has increased substantially, and what better than turning utilities into accessories. Faucets are the now being included in these utility plus design element categories. Thus, ever more designs and colours are being offered to suit every aesthetic. Colours like gold, bronze, silver, rose gold are trending. Coordinated living and bathing spaces are becoming a reality where all parts of the available space have a common design language. Designs that are inspired from nature to infuse the space with a calming effect are also becoming popular. Mix of modern and rustic elements that sing together are seen quite often in bath spaces. Sleek, simple and powered by a smart automated system, taps can catch up to your busy schedule, while saving water and ensuring hygiene at all times. Looking back at how faucets have evolved over time and how it’s utility has diversified, it proves how a small innovation could be of great relevance.

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