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Global decor for desi homes

Friday, August 04, 2017

For those who want to mix global décor with traditional design trends, Sangram Bhoite has helpful tips

The Indian design trends have seen massive transformation as the consumer is now accepting global design patterns within the symmetry of the conventional décor styles. There is a no doubt that global inspired home decor leave lasting impressions. Globalisation has certainly helped put a diverse range of interior design styles and products at hand, but with such an incredible variety it can still be hard to figure out exactly how to put together a look.

Nowadays people are emphasising on creating a differentiated product by using creative dimensions peculiar to different countries. As a result from Moroccan to Mediterranean, many global décor styles are strongly emerging as favourites amongst the consumers.

French Country Style
The French Country style of decorating results in a look that is rustic, old-world, and welcoming. The colours used in the French Country style range from sunny yellow and soft gold, fiery red and burnt rust, bright grass green and dark hunter green, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones. Couple this with bright black and dull grays that will punctuate the bright colours and define accessory pieces along with rusted metal furniture, lighting fixtures that will give wonderful lines. Use of natural materials like natural stone floors or delicate carved wood is an important element in French Country style. For accessorising a French style home, bring in woven or wire baskets, colourful ceramics and tiles, carved wood pieces, old, dark paintings to adorn the walls with lush natural flowers everywhere!

Moroccan look
For an exotic yet elegant feel to your home, opt for the elegantly mysterious Moroccan style décor. The colours draw inspiration from Morocco's landscape, shades of blue and green from the Atlantic and Mediterranean, shimmering gold and silver from the Sahara sands, and rich reds and oranges from the African sunsets. Elaborate wrought iron scroll work, mother of pearl inlay, ornately carved wood in high relief, richly hued upholstery, and intricate mosaic or terra cotta tiles comprise the Moroccan furnishings. Loose drapes are popular. The lighting is kept dim using lamps made from coloured glass, cut metal and carved wood. This can be further enhanced by using candles in traditional lamps to add the romantic element. Dark hardwood floors covered with plush Persian rugs and mirrors on walls enhance the ambience of a Moroccan interior.

A touch of Tuscany
Inspired by elements of nature, a Tuscan style home is often a combination of natural stone, wood, and colour. The Tuscan home is built of multihued sandstone or limestone whereas marble is used essentially for decorative details, flooring, arches, and pillars. A Tuscan home is incomplete without Terracotta roof tiles that are a must have into any Tuscan home. For the outside, a Tuscan home must include a patio, loggia, or portico. As water is a critical element in Tuscan style decorating, such homes usually contain a water fountain in the courtyard surrounded by beautiful, wildly growing greenery interspersed with marble statues. Earthy colours like terracotta, brick, greens, and golden yellow form the palette of such homes. Styling a kitchen in a Tuscan home is unique. No Tuscan style kitchen is complete without a long, family-style wooden table. A lot of storage is created to display ceramic ware in the kitchen. Further displays of pasta in glass jars, a braid of onions or garlic, jars of olives, and flowers can be wonderful accents to your Tuscan home.

Mediterranean style
Low ground furniture, with ornately turned legs and feet, burnished are mostly associated with the Mediterranean style of décor. The Mediterranean style emphasises on simplicity and it can sometimes cost a lot of money to achieve that simple look. The walls are the most distinctive part of the Mediterranean style and are mostly textured as against the dull and boring colours. These are covered with faux designs of crumbling wood, or murals of views of a beach through an ornate window, for example. The use of mosaic tile designs is quite popular in this style; there is great use of accessesories like pillows, rugs, pots, statues, fresh fruits in a Mediterranean home.

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