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How to make indoor plants prosper

Friday, November 24, 2017
By Property Team

Indoor plants are not much demanding, but some basics and determined care can really add to the décor of your house

Growing Houseplants or Indoor plants successfully means providing the best possible care. Indoor plants can help add moisture to the air as well as help filter the air by exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen. Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to provide suitable growing conditions and be better equipped to handle any houseplant problems that do arise.

While indoor plants require water like the outdoor plants, it is important to keep the water level optimum. Over watering the plant can result into collection of water, thereby the plant’s death due to rottening of roots. Make sure that the container has good drainage system to drain water easily and a plastic or glass dish to collect the drained water. Also, avoid loosing of soil due to excess water.

Winters are surely to result into dehydration of plants due to lack of humidity. To keep your plants moisturised you can spray with fine mist. This helps to retain moisture for longer durations in dry weathers.

Ensure timely rotation of plants. It is better to rotate plants before they show light deprivation symptoms. Plants, which were in the darker areas, can be placed in the brighter areas to ensure they get the required light. Lack of sunlight can affect the photosynthesis process resulting into early fading of plants.

Different indoor plants may or may not require too much light. So, check for adequate light. Place the plants near windows where they can get natural light.

If a plant is indoors for many days, do not expose it to strong sunlight immediately. Keep it in shade for a day or two.

It is very necessary to identify the definite food requirement for your plants. Plant food containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium should be used to ensure proper growth of foliage, roots and flowers and fruits respectively. Concentrated foods are available in the form of powder, pellets, liquid or sticks. Nutrients may be sprayed on foliage.

Check for pests like aphids, spider mites, mealy – bugs, thrips mould and mildew. Isolate sick or infected plant until it recovers.

When transplanting the plants to new pots or replanting, use fresh soil. Make sure the soil is free from pest.

Care should be taken to keep the plants free from pesticides. Pesticides such as Metacid and Metacystax can be used but one should be cautious about the concentrations used.

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