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Keeping Wooden Furniture Shiny

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Wooden furniture is very tough to maintain and keep shiny. Here are some handy tips and hints for your home, that will help you make your furniture look shiny and new

When it comes to furniture, many of us will agree that wooden furniture adds an elegance to the house. It has an old world charm to it and makes the house feel warm and inviting. But the only problem with wooden furniture is maintenance, without buying any more furniture polish or wax. These tips should help

  • If you’re wondering how to clean wooden furniture regularly without much hassle, regardless of the wood finishing, you should get rid of the dust first.
  • Did you know that weak tea is efficient furniture cleaner? A cloth saturated with tea should be rubbed over the furniture, which should then be wiped dry.
  • An old pair of socks can come in use to clean furniture too. After dampening them with furniture polish, wear them like a pair of gloves and dust over the furniture for a ‘double-quick’ dusting result.
  • For a higher polish, a cloth saturated with equal parts of lemon oil and turpentine should be rubbed over the surface. The excess oil should be wiped off with a damp cloth, and then a woolen cloth should be used to polish the furniture, to give it a high-polish effect.

With constant wear and tear of furniture comes a legacy of stains and marks, especially if there are children around. Therefore, furniture requires daily cleaning. There are various stains and marks that you will find on your chairs and tables, and there are various solutions to get rid of them.

  • Adhesive tape marks, for example, dissolve in kerosene. To get rid of the kerosene smell, a cloth moistened with water containing a little vinegar and dried well, should be used to rub the surface and then polished with furniture cream. It has to be kept in mind that the furniture cream cannot be substituted with wax polish.
  • Kerosene can also be used to remove marks left by cellulose tape on windows and mirrors.
  • Finger marks may seem difficult to remove, but a piece of cloth saturated in a little olive oil takes care of the problem.
  • Perfume stains on furniture are rare, and not too severe, so it is easy to remove by rubbing a little nail varnish remover gently over it.
  • Humid weather leads to newspapers sticking to the table top. Instead of using water to remove the paper, a little olive oil should be rubbed over the paper, since that prevents permanent stains.
  • If your wooden furniture has a paint finishing, you’re lucky – this surface isn’t as sensitive as the other ones, and you can use a solution made with washing up liquid to scrub it.
  • For surface marks on fine furniture, an ordinary ink eraser can be quite effective. The surface has to get a coat of polish after that to regain the lustre.
  • If your furniture has a robust finish and you would like to try a homemade recipe, mix 4 parts olive oil with1 part white vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Test the solution on a small patch first to see if it leads to the desired effect. Spray the solution on a microfibre cloth and work it well into the wood – you will see the wood shine again instantly.
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