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Must-read guide for concealed wiring

Saturday, December 23, 2017
By Property Team

Concealed wiring is getting highly popular these days in homes. But, here are some aspects you need to know about

No one likes wires dangling from here and there in their house. It makes a house look messy and thus people try all ways to hide them. Even the architects and interior decorators try and suggest various ways to hide them. Concealed Conduit Electrical Wiring systems are the most popular, aesthetically appealing, and most common type of House Electrical wiring used.  Conduit wiring is a professional way of wiring a building. Following points must be noted if you are going for concealed wiring:

1.If you are renovating your home or making new construction then make electrical wiring distribution for all rooms from flooring. Concealed wiring from flooring makes work faster and easier, because you don’t need to cut the walls and make plaster.

2.It would be difficult and expensive to break walls again and again. Therefore the conduits must be laid with proper planning and terminating in proper places. The number of wires, which can be drawn through a conduit of given size, is fixed as per IS recommendations, it is desirable to keep sufficient reserve for future expansion of wiring.

3.When a number of wires are laid together in capping or in conduit, the heat dissipation is affected. The current rating of the wires has to be "derated" to ensure that the temperature remains safely within the prescribed limits.

4. Conduits above false ceiling shall run with proper supports / suspenders. Conduits shall not be rested on false ceiling grid in any case. All vertical runs with open ends shall be sealed at top in case of false ceiling work, while masonry civil works going on.

5.    The use of appliances in kitchens is increasing rapidly. In today's modern kitchen we keep food-processor or mixer/grinder permanently connected in kitchen. One might be additionally switching on a micro-wave oven or some of the new gadgets like tea/coffee machines, etc.. It is, therefore, desirable to have at least 3 to 4 individual switch sockets near the kitchen platform.

6.    Low quality materials, unqualified electrician and a little carelessness in electric works can cause fatal electric shocks in home. Such accidents are not easy to repair and compensate. So it is essential to take every care while doing electrical fittings during construction of your house.

7.    Many electricians and wiremen pull the wire itself through the conduit. This damages the wire. It is desirable to pull any cable as an attachment to a high tensile, preferably galvanized steel wire. The cable itself should not be stretched or subjected to stress. Please ensure that the wiremen leaves a spare galvanized steel wire in the conduit for pulling a cable in future for additional circuitry .

8.Householders are increasingly using washing machines and dish washers. Provisions should be made in plumbing to connect the water supply to these appliances and used water to the sewage outlets. Electrical switch/socket point (3-pin type) should also be provided in these locations. Provide also a permanent place with switch-socket for iron.
9.    Don’t forget to have MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) and RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker). And also do waterproofing before concealed electrical wiring if there is a seepage or leakage issues.

10.    The flexible connector cables between socket and appliances should not get mixed-up. Therefore provide adequate clipping arrangements for bunching and securing extra wire lengths. Water and humidity are the worst enemies of electrical installation. Therefore, these points should be away from the kitchen sink and extra cable lengths should not lie on kitchen platform. Do not forget to provide for a exhaust fan above the kitchen platform.

11.The provision for air-conditioners should be made at appropriate locations. It is desirable to connect such appliances to independent circuits protected by individual MCB(Miniature Circuit Breaker). Improper wiring or maintenance of electrical wiring system is one of the major reasons for house fires. So utmost care should be taken while electrical wiring is installed.

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