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Significance of portraits in Vastu

Friday, August 18, 2017

Vastu Shastra places importance on the type of portraits, paintings, photographs and pictures that are hung on the walls. Dr.Tushar Yashwant Savdavkar explains in detail

Portraits placed in any room or drawing room of the house affect us extremely. Portraits depicting violent animals, crying women or fatal scenes of war and even scenes related to Mahabharata should not be placed in the home. Portrait projecting disastrous events, imbalances the level of energy to a great extent and thus, we have to protect ourselves from its ill-effect.  

Type of portraits
If you are interested, then portraits reflecting natural scenes should be placed. Portraits displaying silent posture of spouses, beast-birds could be placed in bedroom. In addition, portraits depicting streams or a big lake could be placed on the northern wall of the house, which reaps you benefit.
Variety of ancient auspicious symbols stood to be more effective in ensuring remedy to vastu defects. The main gate of the home is the source for penetration of any energy in it. Under such circumstances, the century old auspicious symbols in India embedded at the main door prevents the entrance of negative energy, and allows only positive energy to the sign of auspicious symbol concerned. The study of Reiki, also known as touch therapy, is especially based on auspicious symbols only.  Therefore, question regarding non-acceptance of the significance of symbol never rises.

Auspicious symbols
The emanating energy adjacent to “Swastika” an auspicious Indian symbol, when assessed by scientists Anatony Bovis, who invented a biometer to measure energy, resulted into 1,000,000 Bovis, which apparently reflects the utility of symbol and “Swastika” is more beneficial among all whereas Nazi’s Swastik emits 1000 Bovis energy.

Next, we can see another portrait which is an auspicious symbol depicting “Fish” being widely admired in our country.   

Why ‘Om’ matters
In addition to this, one can see a portrait, depicting a holy feet, which is beneficial and brings several advantages to us. Besides, there is an exclusive mark “Om” which symbolises our universe. The vibration of sound created universe, and the holy sign “Om” evolved from it. The symbol is virtually found in different forms in all religion communities. “Om” had a uniform existence everywhere, so far as the question regarding Hindu, Buddha and Jain religion is concerned.

The sign of tortoise could also be made. This sign blesses the owner in maintaining stability and thereby, awarding him good health. If you are religious followers then it is advisable to place the idol of Lord Ganesha at the front door of the home, which is also advantageous to the family, provided the idol placed should be properly established. The idol if however placed without proper worship in the form of picture will not be more advantageous.

(To be continued next week...)

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