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Symbols of Vastu Shastra

Friday, August 25, 2017

Placing of various symbols is considered auspicious, and also quite effective in eliminating Vastu defects, says Dr.Tushar Yashwant Savdavkar

(Continued from last week )

Placing symbol of “Kalash” at the main gate can be auspicious, which is also quite effective in eliminating our Vastu defects. The placement of Kalash at the main gate helps a lot in adorning our home with the flow of positive energy. The combination of two triangles form a six sided star, and is one of the holy signs. The point at the centre of the six sided symbol represents the universe. These symbols make the house free from defects by almighty power. It minimises negative energy to the great extent, gives positive energy to prevail there for prolong period. I suggest that one should use these symbols in proper ways, as far their placement is concerned.

Proper symbols
Appropriate symbols can energise areas of a room. A red rose, e g, can energise your romance corner. If you are using symbolic objects, however, always choose items which are meaningful to you. Do not try to incorporate oriental symbols if they do not fit with your décor or with your own feelings. Fit in what you feel comfortable with and go with the flow. Symbols can be of your choice, but there are certain guidelines in Feng Shui that also use a lot of common use.
Pictures are very potent symbols. They should always be chosen because they are pleasing, common sense will tell you that, but they can be placed in more or less auspicious positions according to Feng Shui principles.

Picture this
The images actually displayed may relate to the elements or to things which are particulary symbolic. For example, the ideal place for a picture of a pair of mandarin ducks is in the south-west relationships sector.  If you have a picture there of a solitary person walking along a beach, perhaps it might be better to find an alternative position for that image.

If a framed photograph of Goddess Lakshmi is placed at the entrance, then benefit pertaining to wealth is attained. The picture clearly depicts the position in which gold coins are falling from her hand, together with two elephants sprinkling water behind her. Escalate the level of positive energy prevailing in your house for the prevention of minor vastu defect.

Symbols that are passed on to several people or down through the generations are viewed as powerful devices. This is because each person using it for the same purpose will enhance the energy it attracts and its effectiveness.

Auspicious Symbols

  • Portraits of Guru: The portraits of spiritual gurus are worn as a symbol by their followers to attract divine blessings and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Aum: A spiritual symbol that can bestow the wearer with prosperity, happiness, success, spiritual solitude, bliss and wisdom. It can be worn around the neck or as a ring by anyone.
  • Bell: It bestows happiness and success, particularly in relation to an individual’s career, on the wearer.
  • Fish: This is an auspicious symbol for prosperity and fame. It can be used by men and women for personal enhancement.
  • Horseshoe: This is a powerful tool for protection and good luck.  A used horseshoe is more effective than a new one.  It must not be worn but hung “U” shape over the main door.
  • Swastika: This is one of the most dominant symbols in Vastu Shastra. It should be placed on a property’s main door facing outward at eye level to invite in good force.  The swastika provides mind, body and spirit balance and wards off negative energy.
  • Zodiac Signs: All zodiac signs are auspicious and an individual should use the correct symbol according to his or her birthday.

The following symbols can be used for various positive purposes. It needs to be either worn or displayed on the main door of home

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