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That wonderful ceiling feeling!

Saturday, January 06, 2018
By Property Team

Imagine having a newly remodeled home with drab and boring ceilings. To finish the look of your home, you need some good ceiling designs for homes that are unique. Here are some interesting ideas

We are so caught up with choosing the right wall colours and other elements of interior decoration during home remodeling, that we tend to forget about the ceiling. There are many design ideas for ceilings that you can choose from, depending on the style of your house, its interiors and most importantly your budget. Nowadays, designers and architects strive to make their homes distinctive, and to a creative designer, a ceiling is an opportunity to create a unique and attractive home element. Numerous ceiling designs have evolved over the years, and in addition to their distinctive appearances, each has some positives and negatives associated with them.

The conventional ones
Conventional ceiling is the standard, plain and flat version of ceilings. Usually 8 feet high to fit with standard construction material sizes, conventional ceilings have the advantage of being easy to build and very functional, but there is nothing distinctive about them. Building a conventional ceiling higher will make a room feel larger, but the space comes at a significant cost. To add some creativity, one can have suspended ceilings. Suspended ceiling are different version of a conventional ceiling. It is a flat ceiling built underneath an existing ceiling. It consists of a metal grid work suspended from the existing ceiling or the floor joists of the floor above, with ceiling panels built of light weight acoustic material laid into the grid.

Another more practicable and commonly seen type is Tray ceiling. Often they have a flat ceiling center with the sides sloping in from the walls to join the level ceiling surface. However, tray ceilings are sometimes built with a series of stepped square edges going from the wall to the flat part of the ceiling.

Lighting options
Whether you have a low or high ceiling, the first thing to keep in mind is the lighting options you'll be adding to or near the ceiling. Accordingly, you will have to figure out what the exact design or style of ceiling you wish to move forward with. With options like recessed and pendant lighting for a variety to ceiling designs.
Vaulted, Tray and Cove ceilings provide a transitional element between the vertical walls of a room and the horizontal ceiling. As decorative elements, they provide increased volume to a room.

Cathedral ceiling is a high sloping ceiling that is attached directly to the roof trusses and rises all the way to the top of the house. Cathedral ceilings provide a dramatic design element as well as an open and spacious feel to a room or a home entrance. Shed ceiling is similar to a cathedral ceiling in that the
ceiling line slopes up at one end, but the rise angle of the ceiling is not as steep as a cathedral ceiling.

No doubt ceiling is a fundamental feature that contributes to the overall presentation and feel of a house. But before you make any structural changes for ceiling, consulting a structural engineer or an architect is must.

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