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The must read Paint Guide for your home

Friday, September 01, 2017

If your house is starting to seem drab or out of style, you can brighten up an entire room with a few simple coats of paint!. Sangram Bhoite sketches the details

Before you rush off to the garage to scrimmage up a few old sheets and paintbrushes, you should take a few minutes to know some helpful  interior painting information. A little extra know-how will help you achieve the professional paint look you’ve always wanted.

Numerous simple techniques can be adopted to create a new texture or pattern using ordinary paints.

  • Simplest is the use of a rag, plastic bag or a sponge on the second or a third coat of paint.
  • Stripes, borders or geometric designs can be painted over a plain wall to create interest.
  • A special toothed tool is available in the market can be used to scratch fan shapes, circles or basket weave form.
  • Textured rollers can be used to have textured walls or ceiling. Rollers are also available in various embossing to print
  • By twisting the stippling brush, deep relief swirls can be created on the surface.
  • The stripped effect can be created by using a brush with rubber bristles.

To create a special effect, the colour scheme and wall finish need to be planned in advance with particular care and should blend with the over all interiors.

Choosing the Right Colour
When choosing a new colour for your interior house painting, you should look for a colour that suits you and the room. It’s important to know that lighter paint colours tend to create the illusion of more space while darker colours make a space look smaller. You can also pick complementary colours and tones to highlight doors, windows and other trimmings.

The primary colours are the pigment colours that all of the other colours are made from - blue, red, and yellow. Secondary colours are two primary colours mixed together. Tertiary colours are a primary colour and a secondary colour mixed together. Colour Families are groups of colours that are made from the same colours. Neutral Colours are gray, white, and black, that contain no other identifiable colours. Complementary colours are opposite each other. Use a subtle colour and a dominate colour to avoid clashing. Triad colours are three colours that are used together, with one being the dominant colour and the others being accent colours.

Using a colour wheel and mixing various colours together can be a good starting point. However, most people will select colours for an interior room from fabrics that may already exist in furniture and window treatments. It’s always best to buy a small amount of a paint and try it out to see if that is the most desirable, no matter how many colours are being considered, because small colour chips can sometimes be difficult to judge.

Using the Right tool
High-quality brushes make your job easier to do because they hold more paint and the bristles don’t fall out easily. So, throw out your old, dirty paintbrushes and invest in a few quality brushes that will last and always get the job done well. And one final brush tip: Always brush out any loose hairs on your paintbrush before you wet it with paint.

To estimate the amount of materials needed for a particular paint project, all that is needed is the square footage of the surface that is going to be painted. Do not worry about deducting for windows, doors, etc. – this will ensure there will be paint left over for a touch-up job at the end.

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