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‘A 5-year old visually-impaired fan-boy got a selfie clicked with me, leaving me emotionally stunned: Mayuri Wagh

Thursday, September 14, 2017
By Raju Venekar

Charming theatre, film and TV actress Mayuri Wagh, who shot to fame with her role as 'Detective Asmita' in popular Marathi’s crime based show 'Asmita', is all set to enter the TV serial 'Love Lagna Locha' (LLL) being telecast on 'Zee Yuva'. The exuberant Mayuri spoke exclusively to The Afternoon D & C. Excerpts:

After your remarkable performance in 'Asmita', you are in this new avataar of 'Hrutu' in TV series 'Love Lagna Locha'. What do you feel about it?
I am very excited to play the role of 'Hrutu', who is basically a writer and blogger who expresses her opinion on human relationships. It’s a new genre and a new project.

How different is this TV show role?
While detective Asmita was very calm, the character I am playing in ‘LLL’ is more dashing and more modern. I wear western attire and I am very bold and face any difficult situation. But I am the one who is not very keen to marry.

What is the story line?
The serial deals with human relationships, especially companionship. Life won’t be the same without some one special in every one’s life. LLL, as the name suggest, is a slice of life of the young boys and girls in their mid-twenties, who try to achieve success in the real world, finding ‘the one’, fulfilling parents' dreams and living the best years of their life.

How did you begin your TV career ?
I began with TV serial 'Vachan Dile Tu Malaa'. 'Hee Vaat Door Jate', 'Ya Valnavar' and the reality show 'Houseful' have been some of my earlier assignments. A couple of TV commercials also helped  in boosting my career. But 'Asmita' helped in creating my different identity.

Any other plays after 'Sohala Gosht Premachi' and 'Mangalyach Lena'?
Not really.

What about films?
I had played a role in ‘Manya’ – the wonder boy, which sought to highlight the need to inspire the rural youth and at the same time make the authorities  promote committed sportspersons from rural areas.

Do you remember any memorable incident in your career?
Of course. This emotionally stunning yet touching one I will remember forever. My husband and I had gone for shopping in a crowded mall in Mumbai. All of a sudden a five-year old ‘visually challenged’ boy accompanied by his father, came to me and told me that he liked my role in 'Asmita' and he was a regular admirer of that serial. He also made his father to click a photograph with me. I was wondering how he could recognise me. Later, I realised that he recognised me only by my voice even in that noisy atmosphere and then figured out how strong are the senses of sightless people

Do you find any perceptible change in women for fighting injustice meted out to them ?
It’s a gradual yet steady process. A few years ago, the incidents of dowry harassment/dowry deaths used to be more or less suppressed. But now such incidents get ‘exposed’ much faster.Legal help is also available. I think that the days are not far when injustice to women will be totally weeded out.

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