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Dhruv Bhandari's lovable act in 'Tere Shehar Mein'

Thursday, April 02, 2015
By Sandeep Hattangadi

Dhruv Bhandari son of veteran actor Mohan Bhandari who will be seen playing the lead in Rajan Shahi's ‘Tere Sheher Mein’ on STAR PLUS, speaks about his life and career!

What prompted you to take Tere Sheher Mein?
There were many reasons. If you look at my work profile,  I have worked in a few projects on TV but they were all different from each other. As an actor I always want to play such roles which challenge me. Manto from Tere Shahar Mein is one of them, I liked the sparks in the character and hence I took up the show. Plus, I always wanted to work with Rajan Shahi.

How will you define Mantu?
Mantu is a guy from Benaras who is educated and very helpful. He does a lot of things for people who are close to him and he always thinks from his heart. Some times he goes out of the way to help people and gives priority to them. He doesn't want to leave Benaras as he feels he can do much better in his own place. The whole of Benaras always looks for Mantu.

What is the look of your character?
Manto is a regular boy from Benaras. He belongs to today's young generation, wears shirts and jeans. But doesn't wear the branded ones. He also sports a long hair with a little stubble. When I was approached for the character I was already maintaining a long hair as I was just done with the musical Taj Express, so somehow the look and the character gelled. I am very particular when it comes to my slippers so I am wearing a nice and cool slippers with jeans and shirts. Me and the  creative team went to buy stuff for Manto's look.

How was the experience of working in the holy city of Benaras?
Lots of memories from the place now. For my role I have done a lot of research right from reading books to watching videos. I know how many ghats are there and the timings of the temples. We got someone to train me with the local dialect and I also got to know the day to day life in Benaras. We stayed there for 2 weeks and after my research and prep work when I went for the shoot it was quite amazing as I was able to relate with everything there.

How you got into Taj Express?
Since my childhood I have always enjoyed dancing. I have been to classes with Shimak Davar and Terence Lewis. I used to be a huge fan of Govinda. I find him one of the best when it comes to dance. After Raktsambandh I was getting few offers from films, so the audition process was going on. One day someone told me about a musical show and told me it's going to be different. So I went for the audition. There was an audition for dance too. So I got very nervous, though I have always loved dancing but auditions can be scary. But I went through it and got it and started working in Taj Express. This is a presentation by choreographers Vaibhavi Merchant and her sister Shruti Merchant. During the tour we have gone to countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Turkey. Learnt so much and enjoyed the whole journey. This project is very special to me.

How will you define your relationship with Rajan Shahi?
During and after the audition for Manto ,we have spoken a lot. And sometimes he has  scolded me also. Because initially I was little skeptical as when it comes to work in TV as  I am somehow  very choosy but Rajanji was always clear with his vision and he wanted me to play this lead. Rajanji is known for his shows and for the first time even he is also experimenting something. Indian television's daily soaps are dominated by 'saas' and their 'bahus' but 'Tere Shaher Mein' is really different. What is more important is I talk to Rajanji candidly. He is like  family. He also knows my father for a long time.

How did your family react? Specially your dad Mohan Bhandari?
My family loved it as they feel this show is not less than a film. My father and I share a very good relationship. He is a very balanced dad. He always gives me a lot of freedom and at the same time tells me about my fault. I remember during Raktsambandh he used to scold me on my dialogue delivery and asked me to throw my dialogue properly.

Dhruv is one chip of the old block who is sure to make a name in the near future!

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