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In real life, I am not so fashion-conscious: Mithila Palkar

Thursday, July 05, 2018
By Chaitanya Padukone

YouTube viral sensation and actress-singer Mithila Palkar exudes an inborn infectious enthusiasm. An exemplary youth-icon, the curly-haired petite Palkar has proved that you don't need a filmy lineage to flirt with fame. Having acted in movies like 'Katti Batti' and 'Muramba' (Marathi),  and now 'Karwaan', the spunky Mithila has also featured in a couple of  web-series. Especially the immensely popular prequel chapters of Bindass Originals' digital show  'Girl In The City’ ( now Chapter 3 — from July 13 on FaceBook, YouTube and the Bindass App) where she plays Meera, the innovative fashion designer who is being denied her share of recognition. Peppered with sparkling candour, Mithila converses with  Afternoon D&C. Excerpts:

So you 'best buddies' have a city-crazy after-hours bonding as well?
Definitely. After shooting non-stop for hours on end, our screen characters, Rajat Barmecha who plays Kartik and 'hottie' Swati Vatssa who is cast as the impulsive catalyst-cupid of sorts Sameera, we now have a warm 'dosti-masti' camaraderie and we gel well, often hanging out together. On the sets, it's more like a semi-picnic, because we all enjoy shooting for this show.

What can viewers expect in Chapter 3 of 'GITC'?
There will be plenty of new screen characters and deviating twists in the story. This episode would be the culmination for the rebel Meera and it will finally be a make-or-break situation for her, in her career ambition. One has to figure out her journey by regularly watching the series as it unfolds (smiles).

What according to you are the reasons behind the super-success of 'Girl In The City'?
The unique frothy content, the innovative treatment and the relatable characters, authentic situations and realistic human behavior. The insecurities, the jealousy, the struggles, the heartbreaks, topped by the ardent ambitions of a career girl from a small town, all have  its huge connectivity for today's youth and even middle-aged viewers.

Although you project this trendy image, off-screen you belong to the old school?
Absolutely right, and I have no hang-ups that I belong to the old school. You will hear me humming retro 'gaane' most of the time. Although I play the fashion designer Meera, off-screen I would love to be clad in simple pyjamas. It's all thanks to my stylist that you see me in trendy outfits. Frankly, in personal life, I am not so fashion-conscious. Wearing comfortable outfits matters to me more than being in vogue just for the heck of it.

What is it that your co-actors hate about you?
Haha, they hate the fact that I tend to sleep early. That's because they prefer late nights. They are always in the 'lage raho' mode to keep me awake, but it's not that easy.

Would you tag yourself as a bindass city-girl?
To a great extent. Not as a revolting rebel, but more in shedding my inhibitions and being a brave, bold Mumbaikar girl who dared to venture out and now does what she enjoys most.

Who is your secret wish list dream hero in movies?
Well, (blushes) there are two – Ryan Gosling and Ranbir Kapoor. Having shared that, I also consider myself fortunate that I got to work with such a legendary co-star like Irrfan Khan-sir and the talented young Dulquer Salmaan in my upcoming lighthearted wacko comedy road trip Hindi movie 'Karwaan', directed by Akarsh Khurana, where I play Tanya.

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