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'NRIs based abroad get very emotional when they meet Indian artistes': Bhau Kadam

Monday, January 08, 2018
By Raju Vemekar

The popular laughter television show “Chala Hawa Yeu Dya” (CHYD) (Zee Marathi), that began with presenter Nilesh Sable's topical comic monologue transitioning into guest interviews, followed by comedic sketches by recurring performers, will now be presented with new title “Jagbhar Chalaa Hawa Yeu Dya” from January 8, every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm. The versatile actor Bhalchandra Kadam, popularly known as Bhau Kadam, who is part of the ‘CHYD’ team, spoke to The Afternoon D&C in an exclusive conversation. Excerpts:

How will the new program kick-start?
In our debut programme phase, we will feature our Dubai tour on January 8 and 9. Subsequently, we will cover other foreign countries.

Which overseas countries would you be covering?
Recently, we had travelled to Dubai, Europe and Japan to entertain Marathi NRI audiences there. At that time, we had shot at different locations. Now, we will tour the world covering different countries including Singapore, Paris, London and the USA.

What is the theme of the new show?
The new show will be a spot show exposing viewers to different locations, different concepts and conventions prevailing in different countries. I can say that this is for the first time a Marathi TV show will be exposed globally to viewers across various continents world by performing at different foreign locations. They will get an opportunity to watch a mix of soap plus cinema.

Will it be more of a studio-based show?
There will be an indoor as well as outdoor shooting. But the main focus will be on different spots. We can describe this as a globe-trotting show.

During your foreign trips, did you come across many Indians abroad?
Of course. There are a lot of NRIs who know Indian languages in many countries, especially in Singapore. Needless to say much about Dubai, it is a multi-lingual hub.

Tell us about the foreign travel experience.
The cab drivers were very curious, I have to say! They inquired about us and some of them were also overwhelmed when they came to know that we were artistes from India. You will be surprised to know that after meeting us, some of the Indians abroad were very happy and got so emotional that they burst into tears.

How far do they know about your programme?
I will narrate our experience in Japan. While shooting in Japan, we came across a Japanese couple. When we told them about our television show, they immediately referred to “YouTube”. They were so impressed by the hits ‘CHYD’ received, that they accompanied us all the days till we completed shooting.

Any major changes in your team?
No, ‘CHYD’ still comprises Kushal Badrike, Saagar Karande, Shreya Bugde, Bharat Ganeshpure and Ankur Vadhave and of course Bhau, that’s me. I will entertain the TV audiences once again with the same old zeal.

You will have to skip your fictional village of “Thukratwadi”, isn't it?
Yes, since we will have to interact with different people, dealing with new topics.

Do you recall fond memories of the original ‘CHYD’?
Of course. The memories of CHYD that presented nearly 350 episodes in the last three years, will always be treasured by all of us.

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