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'True love' implies an unspoken mutual understanding': Preetika Rao

Thursday, July 12, 2018
By Chaitanya Padukone

A charming chilled-out actress blessed with a mellifluous natural voice, Preetika Rao (sibling of Bollywood heroine Amrita Rao) exudes a warm empathy when you connect with her. Despite her achieving telly-stardom,  with her role as the Urdu-Hindi speaking ‘Aaliya’  in the popular TV show ‘Beinteha’, petite Preetika remains grounded. Currently,  the dainty damsel was seen in select episodes of  ‘& TV’’s ‘Laal Ishq’  aired every Sat-Sun 10 p.m. which is a series of independent love-story-episodes with a haunting undercurrent of the supernatural. Afternoon D & C  chatted with the effervescent Preetika who is ‘camera-savvy’ as well.  Excerpts :

Aren’t you extra-picky-choosey when it comes to TV roles  ?
(Shrugs) Quite right. Which is why maybe I take a longer time than other TV artistes in deciding my next assignments. Getting into a lead character of a TV series is a long-time commitment. Honestly, I don’t wish to get caught in the grip of a mythogical or historical costume telly drama   or a saas-bahu series just for the heck of being seen on TV or making money.  Unless I am convinced and excited about my ‘realistic’ character, I will not grab it.

What is it that fascinated you about this ‘Laal Ishq’ series on ‘& TV’ ?
Multiple reasons. Firstly I am a ‘fan’ of the short telly series, plus I am fond of watching the spooky-super-natural-horror-thriller  genre and thirdly the romantic story which was narrated to me was very amazing. Then the icing on the cake was that my co-star was the talented massy ‘heart-throb’ Priyank Sharma, whom I always desired to work with, once again.  

Aren’t you scared, watching-on-screen, the scary supernatural stuff ?
Not really.  At times, the sudden bizarre sounds and background music jolts you, but I enjoy the visuals and the treatment. In fact at night,  I get good sleep after watching a good slick scare-fare movie or a TV show. (laughs). Actually, my secret phobia is being stuck in a ‘ crowded elevator’ which gets ‘stalled’.

You don’t seem particularly drawn towards Bollywood movies ?
Of course, I  did get many Hindi movie offers, but then I was ‘indecisive’ as those days I was also busy studying. Later on, I also acted in Southside big banner regional movies. If you observe, these days almost every movie, TV shows and music videos all end up on the web or digital medium.  My prime focus is ‘quality work’, even if it may be a brilliant ‘short film’.

Your cover versions videos as a singer-actress  featuring  Hemant Kumar’s romantic haunting retro songs  has  a phenomenal fan-following….what next ?  
A music video that I am shooting now for singer Shahid Mallya and I am also working on a short film which is under wraps. On my ‘wish-list’ is to record in my voice and shoot a video for one of R D  Burman’s  romantic iconic songs, as my humble  ‘tribute’ to  legendary Pancham-Da, who also happens to be my favourite.

Off-screen, how would you define ‘true love’ ?    
For me, being a sensitive, caring person, ‘true love’ also implies ‘unspoken mutual understanding’. Where you don’t need to give explanations to your partner and say ‘mera woh matlab nahi thaa’.  A romantic date would mean walking in the rains, with my partner on an exotic beach or going for a l-o-n-g drive to Lonavla on a rainy day, with monsoon melodies playing in the car.

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