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Campaign for humane cosmetics

Thursday, October 11, 2018

On World Animal Day in New York City, pedicab operators chauffeur famous dogs to the United Nations Headquarters for their petition of more than eight million signatures against animal testing in cosmetics. The Body Shop collected signatures through its Forever Against Animal Testing campaign to call on the countries of the UN to end animal testing in cosmetics globally.

Signature drive to end cosmetic testing on animals meets its UN goal

On October 4, World Animal Day, The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International campaign to end cosmetic animal testing got a boost when it succeeded in getting 8.3 million signatures against the practice. The aim of the campaign was to take these signatures to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to create a global framework to end animal testing while advancing the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda.

Actress, Philanthropist and Brand Ambassador, The Body Shop India, Jacqueline Fernandez, joined the global team and spoke at the United Nations when the signature campaign was submitted. She said, “It’s been a most fulfilling journey being associated with The Body Shop as the Brand Ambassador for India for the last five years and champion cruelty free, 100% vegetarian beauty. I personally believe that real beauty cannot be achieved at the cost of harming anyone, especially animals. The concept of animal testing for cosmetics and its ingredients is outdated, cruel and unnecessary and should be banned forever. A socially responsible world cannot continue testing measures that prove hazardous to anyone’s health… It’s time to ban animal testing forever and everywhere.”

The Body Shop believes that cosmetic animal testing is cruel, old-fashioned, expensive and inefficient and there are more reliable alternatives today. The organisation points out that while there has been some sizable progress, including the European Union prohibiting all cosmetic animal testing in 2013 as well as the sale of products tested elsewhere, 80 percent of countries still have not made it illegal to test cosmetics on animals. Cruelty Free International estimates that more than 500,000 animals each year are used in cosmetics testing. A global framework is the only way to eliminate animal suffering and create a level playing field around the world.

The Body Shop points out that harmonizing safety testing requirements globally would allow companies to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and test duplication when accessing international markets to fill the consumer demand for safe and humane cosmetics. Not only would a global framework give confidence to companies that they are producing safe and effective cosmetics while meeting consumer demand for truly cruelty-free products, but also, the global framework would align with the United Nation’s vision of a world in which, “humanity lives in harmony with nature and in which wildlife and other species are protected”.

David Boynton, CEO of The Body Shop, said: “We are determined to finish what Dame Anita Roddick, our founder, started back in 1989, and today we are hosting a special event at the United Nations to call for collaboration among the cosmetic industry, civil society and governments finally to end cosmetic animal testing everywhere.”

Jessie Macneil-Brown, Global Head of Activism at The Body Shop, added: “The support of so many people around the world demonstrates that corporate activism can make a positive impact on a global scale.“

“People are misinformed about cosmetic animal testing,” said Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International.

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