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He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not...

Thursday, February 08, 2018

You know that guy you’ve been crushing on? Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so why wait? Trisha Ghoroi brings a quiz to help you figure out whether you should ask your crush out

Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door and everything seems to be draped in red — from gift shops to bakeries and even your local flower seller! But where is your date? Oh, you know who we are talking about... That guy you’ve been crushing on for ages. No, not Ryan Gosling! The one who you are always excited to meet, who gives you butterflies in your tummy each time he smiles. It’s the 21st century and there is no need to hold back and wait for the guy to ask you out. But, should you ask him out? Answer a few questions to find out.

1.  How long have you been crushing on your secret someone?

                a) For over a year now. I’m a hopeless romantic.

                b) Just a few weeks. I have a new crush every month!

                c) Since kindergarten!

2.            How often do the two of you spend time together?

                a) Quite often. We meet every week to work on our homework together.

                b) Almost every day. I see him during lectures.

                c) Not very often. Once a month, maybe.

3.            Are you with him alone often?

                a) It’s usually just the two of us hanging out together.

                b) No. I don’t know him that well.

                c) Rarely. We live far from each other.

4.            If he were to invite you to a party, how would he do it?

                a) He’d come over my place and invite me personally.

                b) He’d do it through a mutual friend or maybe even a group text.

                c) Most likely via a phone call or text.

5.            Has he ever flirted with you?

                a) Gosh, he is super cheesy all the time! *rolls eyes*

                b) Not yet, but I’m hopeful!

                c) Sometimes, on chat.

6.            How close are the two of you?

                a) People think we are chaddi buddies. (We are not!)

                b) We’re just friends. Nothing more.

                c) We’re quite close. We even have a ‘no secrets’ pact.

7.            Does your crush talk about other girls with you?

                a) Not really. He doesn’t have any other female friends.

                b) Yes! He is quite popular among the girls in college.

                c) Uh, rarely.


Mostly As: We’re as surprised as you are that he hasn’t asked you out yet, but how about surprising him? You seem to be very close and we’re sure there are rumours flying around about your ‘relationship’. He is dropping obvious hints and you seem to be his top priority. So, stop over-thinking and ask him out already.

Mostly Bs: There hasn’t been much interaction between the two of you recently, so it’s better to hold off. It may not be very wise to ask him out right now. If he’s a popular guy, chances are he’s probably getting showered with requests for dates already. If you don’t want to face certain rejection, wait for a while for the chemistry between you two to develop, before you ask him out.

Mostly Cs: Your relationship train seems to be stuck at Long Distance Avenue and that’s why it’s difficult for you to make the first move. There is definitely something going on between the two of you, but you seem to have more obstacles in your path than others. How about surprising him? Drop in at his place this weekend, go for a movie or just stroll along the beach. You can end the weekend by asking him to be your Valentine.

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