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Perk up your space

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Pic courtesy: Craft Village India

A few quick and budget-friendly changes can make all the difference to your living space

It doesn’t cost much to give your home a new look and on gloomy, rainy days, a pop of colour and a dash of style can really help to cheer you up.

Clutter control

This really is where you should begin with any home renovation. Too many items can cause stress in your mental space. Organise your TV remotes and other accessories in a pretty wooden tray or box; keep books and newspapers neatly in a designated space and put away those clothes and shoes!


Why do ceilings always need to be white? Try a different colour—a touch of red or hints of gold. Or opt for shades of sky blue, butter yellow, blush pink, or pale peach. Do interesting things with this ‘fifth wall’—it doesn’t have to be the neglected space in the home.

Flaunt a frame

Cosy up your space with warm family photos and choose a distinctive frame. Home décor stores are full of beautiful choices designed for every look. Wood, leather, steel, even cardboard… choose a style and colour that works for your space.

Scatter cushions

If you want luxury on a budget, sprinkle cushions all over your room—smaller ones on your couch, large, colourful pillows for comfy floor seating. Use bright colours and different sizes and change the covers according to your mood.

Light up!

Lamps in all sizes and shapes can add style to your home--an eye-catching floor lamp can make a statement in your living room; a little table lamp can liven up a dark corner. At the recent BMC expo on plastic alternatives, there was someone selling even paper lamps in a range of hues and designs. On a rainy day, when you have nothing to do, how about you make your own?

Refresh your space with a few quick changes and see the difference it makes to your mood!

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