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Monday, September 19, 2016
By Deven Lad

Abducted, abused, thrashed and urinated upon - on suspicion that he was an evangelist who converted Hindus to Christianity - this member of a religious community allegedly suffered humiliation at the hands of rankled activists of the Shri Ram Pratisthan Sanghtan for over three hours. Read his horrific tale…

In a horrific incident that unfolded on the night of September 16, 45-year-old Child Pychologist and Taloja resident, Prashant Bhatnagar reportedly witnessed assault, abduction and absue by 40 members of the Shri Ram Pratishtan Sanghtan. Reportedly, an FIR has been loged against four accused at the  Kharghar Police station.

Speaking to your newspaper, Prashant narrated the entire incident, highlighting how the so-called Hindu outfit abused and abducted him at night and made him to suffer for nealry three hours.

Prashant is a member of the Kharghar-based ‘House of God’ (religious place) and recently they had started prayer meetings on alternate Sundays. On September 16, Prashant along with his collegues Sachin Hinge, his wife Manisha Hinge and their son Shourya Hinge went to invite people for the aforementioned prayer meetings with invitation pamplets.

A stranger, who almost came in from nowhere, snatched the pamplets away from Prashant and warned him that he had called for the police. Within a short time, members of the Sri Ram Pratishtan came and began abusing Prashant and his collegues over their religion, especially over the issue of conversion of religion.

One of them, identified as Gurunath Mumbaikar, introduced himself as President of Shri Ram Pratishtan Sanghtan and started abusing him and accusing him of religion conversion. After one hour, the Sanghtan members reportedly released them after issuing a warning. Scared over the incident, they left the venue on their scooter. At 9.30 pm on the same night at Kharaghar – near the R.A.F canteen- Prashant's scooter broke down. As they were waiting near the scooter - Gurunath, Manish, Sarvesh - a ‘Guruji’ wearning safron robes along with 30 members traced him in a white car numbered 8757. Six to seven people on bikes demanded to know why they were there. When they explained the issue, matters seemed to spiral out of control. Allegedly, on hearing this, ‘Guruji’ slapped Prashant and started beating up Sachin and Manisha. Gurunath along with other members also beat up them and they put Prashant in a car in which four members were already present. They said that they would be taking them to the police station and began beating them up.

Reportedly, Guruji took out a revolver and switched off Prashant's mobile and took him near Taloja Jail where they were joined by ‘Mani Dada’. Gurunath and other members allegedly started beating him up mercilessly. It is alleged that Mani dada and ‘Guruji’ put a revolver to his body threatend to kill him and stated that this would be a befitting lesson to Prashant’s community. It is alleged that in order to humiliate him further, they also urinated on him. Later, he was dropped off near Taloja Phase 1, where a stranger helped him and called Prashant’s friend Sachin who then took him to Kharghar's Medicity Hospital.

However, it is alleged that he did not get admitted in fear and on September 17, when he went to file an FIR at the Taloja Police station , the police reportedly told him to file an FIR at Kharghar Police station, as the incident had occurred there. While filing the FIR, Prashant fell unconscious and was later admitted to Nirmalay Hospital. "We are not in the process of getting people to convert into our religion as they (Shri Ram Pratishtan Sanghtan) have accused us. We had our ‘Prarthana Sabha’ today, but it got cancelled due to this incident. We were inviting people for the same. They abducted me and abused me, They had a revolver with them and they also urinated on me,” said Prashant.

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