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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dr. Shantanu Jaradi, Founder & Chairman, Dentzz Dental Care Centres

Dr. Jaradi always had passion for all aspects of dentistry. He is an aesthetic dentist, who performs complex smile makeover and smile enhancement cases. Dr. Jaradi is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is on the expert’s panel of Under his guidance, Dentzz Dental Care Centres have become one of the front runners in the newly emerging market of dental tourism. It attracts numerous patients from all over the world especially the UK and USA who prefer flying down to Mumbai for their basic to advanced dental care.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Dr. Jaradi reveals why he strongly believes that the new era in dentistry is in the creation of a great future.

What is the idea behind Dentzz Dental?
The idea behind the brand was to create a promise of exceptional dentistry. Exceptional, in all aspects, including expertise, technology and experience. We have managed to transform dentistry from a highly negative to an extremely positive and a comfortable experience.

How big is the potential for a business like yours?
The potential is tremendous. There has been a massive shift in the consumer psychology from a cost conscious to the quality conscious aspect over the last few years. This has spiked the demand for a brand like ours. We see tons of patients who travel to our centres in Mumbai and Delhi from other metros and tier 2 and 3 towns.

How do you plan to scale up?
By having our presence across all major metros over the next few years. However, we are not into the game of having the maximum number of centres. Our focus is mainly on having an optimum spread focused on the bottomline.

How are you different from other?
We are different in multiple areas - major and minor. The cumulative effect of these ensures that we automatically become the preferred choice for patients.

1. Expertise.
We have carefully carved a system of handpicking the best doctors. All aspects of their skills including aptitude as well dental skills are carefully evaluated before they come on board. We then provide a rigorous training program for them to ensure that they are upto the standards and protocols set by us. Only after we feel comfortable, do we allow them to work on our patients. We have in house specialists from all fields of dentistry. Most of them are trained globally from countries like USA, Australia, Germany.

2. Technology.
We are at the cutting edge of technology in dentistry. Whether it is the dental CT Scan, 3D printing of crowns, lasers, microscopes for root canals, we have it all. Use of such technology not only makes the entire treatment seamless and comfortable, but also boosts the success rate of treatments to almost 100%. Eg. 3D printing of crowns allows us to design and fabricate a crown using software, in less than one hour and deliver it to the patient. Traditionally, this would take 4 to 5 sessions spread over 2 weeks. Additionally, since it is milled using CAD CAM technology, the fit and finish is flawless. A CT scan gives us visuals on aspects like bone thickness, quality, location of nerves etc. Using this, we can perform virtual surgeries for complex procedures like implants before they are actually carried out in the mouth. This eliminates in chances of complications and failure.

3. Experience.
We offer an exceptional and a superior experience overall. Whether it is the relaxing ambience of our reception, or the gentle bedside manner of our dentist, we ensure that any fear or anxiety the patient may have, is alleviated instantly. Some of our centres actually have relaxing lounges with recliners so that the patients can be at ease after a major surgery.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
As mentioned earlier, we plan to have an intelligent spread across the country. We already have a very strong presence in Mumbai and Delhi in terms of our target group market share. This would be replicated to other places too.

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