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Mumbai's Fitness Mantra

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fitness professionals update Monarose Sheila Pereira on the latest trends.

Fitness is the new mantra. It stares you in the face from every newspaper, magazine, TV, film and on social media. What are the latest trends and different ways in which one can stay fit, healthy and beautiful today?

The competition is heating up. The footfalls are increasing. Gyms are flexing their muscles and offering various incentives. The growing number of gyms clearly indicates the growing interest in fitness and gaining muscle. Madhuri Ruia, Director, INTEGYM, informs us that transformation is the word that best describes future fitness.  Bikini fit bodies, strong muscles, strong workouts; some heavy lifting is making a new pulsating way of fitness to fight the baggage of obesity.  Mirror image has become far more important than body weight numbers for the millennials, and the healing potential of fitness for diabetics, heart disease and hypertension is making it indispensable for the 50 plus and seniors.

According to Nawaz Modi Singhania, Founder at  Body Art Fitness Centers, one of the biggest fitness trends of 2017 continues to be body weight training. Planking, squats, lunges and push ups are some examples of great body weight training exercises. Exercise also has fantastic anti-ageing effects for the face and body. Lines and wrinkles are reduced, a double chin, jowls, sunken cheeks can all be improved upon greatly by a single exercise pertaining to that part. The skin develops a freshness and glows, graying and balding is controlled, muscles are toned and taut, as fat is reduced one looks younger and fitter, the posture remains erect, all organs and body parts remain fit and function at their optimum level.

Functional training is popular too. It includes free hand exercises like calisthenics, yoga, boot-camp, aerobics, walking, jogging etc. Its pioneer, Fitness Guru Mickey Mehta of Mickey Mehta Wellness Temple, started training people in parks, gardens and beaches. He says, “I believe that the human mind trains the human body. We use the gravity and the body weight; we use the speed and intensity of the workout. With machines you are either pulling or pushing. In functional training you do a lot more like bending, stretching and contracting in different body parts and muscles in various angles and combinations. We challenge the body in a calibrated way.”

Today, colleges are encouraging students to gym. Guru Nanak College in King Circle has an in-house gym. Student Shravan Dronamraju, with six pack abs to boot exclaims, “I love gyming! I have a balanced diet that takes care of my carbohydrates and proteins. People feel supplements are a must. I believe if you eat good you do good, - you are what you eat!"

Organistions too realize the importance of healthy and fit employees. They are turning to wellness institutes to help their employees stay fit. Fitness Trainer Alkesh Pathak, at Paramount Healthcare Management Private Limited, explains, “Our wellness management organization assist end-users in leading a healthier life and boosting holistic wellness. One of the core aspects we focus on is fitness as it is a very significant aspect of wellness. We regularly conduct fitness sessions at various corporates. These sessions include different types of exercise regimes as per the requirements and demands of our clients. We also design special exercise regimes which aim to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and stamina and help to achieve personal fitness goals. These sessions have received a good response from the employees. The companies have also reported a healthier and more productive work force.”  

Yoga is the latest buzz word. Many Mumbaikars are turning to Yoga as it has many advantages. It has a holistic approach which benefits the body, mind and spirit. Yoga exponent Umesh Sharma says, “Yoga is very important. It improves core muscle strength which is very important. It enhances your concentration level and helps to reduce mental stress,  bhakasan brings glow on the face, helps to solve brain related issues and improves muscle strength of hands and improves balancing, good to reduces hair fall n for eyes also, veerbhadrasan good to improve lower body strength plus improves flexibility, helps in lowering lower back pain.”

Massages are another great way of relaxing and toning the body. Masseur and fitness trainer Meherzad Wadia, informs that massages are not just for relaxation but offer benefits too. Massage Therapy is a great remedy to energise muscles, reduce stress and thus reduce medical ailments. Massages keep the mind body and spirit healthy, fit and rejuvenated.  It eases muscle tension, reduces anxiety and depression, improves sleep, boosts immunity, relieves headaches, enhances athletic performance, monitors muscle tone, brings glow on skin and increases range of motion.

Dancing too is gaining popularity not only for the love of the art but as a fun way to do a good cardio workout. Belly dancing is now fast catching up in Mumbai. Belly Dance teacher Ritambhara Sahni informs that many people are now turning to various forms of dancing as it is entertaining, teaches you a social skill and also helps you burn calories in a fun way. Also there is no age limit, you do not need any props and it is not strenuous. Above all it is fun and novel.

According to spa owner Ramtawon Muivah, spa therapies offer many benefits. They help to enhance skin tone and quality, reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, renew the body and mind, and promote overall beauty and wellness. A cleansing treatment such as a deep tissue massage, exfoliation, steam, wraps and clay treatments all assist with the body's healing process during detox.

So get fit and healthy; flex those muscles, show that toned body and watch the world swoon.

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